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Roger Staubach says he is Tony Romo's biggest fan

The Dallas Cowboys former quarterback greats like Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach have always been supportive of current quarterback Tony Romo. Staubach, in particular, is tired of hearing Tony Romo being blamed for the Cowboys lack of success during his time at the helm of the offense.

“If there’s a bigger Romo fan in town, I don’t know who it is,” said Staubach, via ESPN Dallas. “I want to argue with all my negative Romo fans and let them know and tell them how great this guy is.”

The pillars of Staubach’s defense of Romo is that lack of help along the line and a horrendous run offense, pointing out that Romo never complains.

“Last year, if you looked at the Super Bowl, those guys had running backs over 1,000 yards,” Staubach said. “[Romo] doesn’t complain. He doesn’t blame it on anybody, but he needs some help up front at times. The running game has got to be better than [31st] in the league, but Tony just does his job. He makes plays. He’s got a strong arm, and he just does a lot of good things out there [that] only a few quarterbacks in the league can do.”

“It’s a team effort, too. I can’t take credit for those great teams that I had. It was because I had a running game, I had a good offensive line, I had a lot of good things working for me. But you’ve got to be good yourself. Tony is a franchise quarterback.”

Romo detractors in particular like to point to his 1-6 record in elimination games.

“It’s not fair, but that’s just the way it is,” said Staubach. “I really feel it’s important to him. The most important thing for him is to win and to get that playoff level where he can win some playoff games.”

“But you can’t do it by yourself. It’s not a one-man game. It’s a team game. I think [at] that position that Dallas has a quarterback that can be a franchise quarterback. But you need other pieces, too.”

Staubach took the Rob Ryan approach and blamed the Cowboys poor showing on their injury struggles.

“We were 8-8 with a lot of injuries, no running game, a lot of difficulties,” Staubach said of the Cowboys last season. “We can be 11-5 in a second with a little luck and keeping people healthy, maybe 12-4. And I think we’d take 10-6 right now, wouldn’t we? You just want to get in the playoffs.”

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  • Raymond Tippett

    I take rogers word as gold the guy knows what he is talking about! I have said that constantly if we have the running game going and the line to hold up were going to be a dangerous team tony is a great qb sure he makes mistakes but so does everyone else but he has got accuracy as well as strong arm and scrambling ability. I can see if this team can stay healthy we can easily go 12-4 and fight for a bye this year im with you roger. PS, me and my uncle loved watching you play, you were the guy that made me a Dallas fan when I was a kid I thank you for that, you were a great player that I have always enjoyed watching!!!!

    • David Kerr

      With this schedule I foresee 9-7 10-6 at the best. But I think it’s enough to get in the wildcard