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Michael Irvin says it is stupid for Michael Vick not to slide

Michael Vick said that the media made him change his playing style. No more though, Michael Vick is going to use the best of his running abilities and he isn’t going to worry about injuries. Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin doesn’t think thats a great idea.

“It’s stupid,” Irvin said, Sporting News. “You cannot be this stupid. You cannot be this dumb. It’s impossible. Your [butt] has been hurt every year. Stop putting your body on the line like that.”

“The only time you do it—when John Elway did it in the Super Bowl. That’s it,” Irvin said. “When the Super Bowl game is on the line, and it’s third-and-whatever and you need that first down, you stick your head in there. Other than that, anywhere else, you slide and give it up.”

If you’re unaware of the play he is referring to here it is:

If Michael Vick doesn’t listen he might not be able to last a whole 16 game season.

“The thing I wonder about, because Michael Vick is such a fighter — do you know when not to fight?”

“This is a processing problem,’’ Irvin said. “You haven’t made a full season in quite a while, and everybody keeps telling you to take the slide. I don’t mind you rolling out because you have the speed, but another two yards is not worth your shoulder. You’ve already got the first down.

“This is a processing problem that Michael Vick has, and he’d better get it, or he will be out of this league real soon. And it’s not that hard. (Seattle’s) Russell Wilson got it, and real quickly; he got it, and he hasn’t been in the league but a year. Michael Vick has to know when not to fight, slide his butt down, or he will not make the whole season.’’

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