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NFLPA informs players and agents that urine collection rules will be strictly enforced

Von Miller was very confident that he wouldn’t be suspended, his enthusiasm influenced his team, the Denver Broncos, also thought he wouldn’t be suspended. Now the NFLPA has informed all players and agents that moving forward the process of collecting urine samples for drug testsing will be followed more closely.

Which to me, means leaving no room for error and by extension, no Ryan Braun excuse.

“In our efforts to improve the integrity of our collectively bargained joint drug policies, please remember that collection protocol rules, including validation of a player’s identification at the time of collection, will be strictly enforced,” the NFLPA said in an alert sent to all players and agents on Friday.

This could be insight to what happened in Miller’s case. Former Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams was suspended for providing non-human urine. Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman avoided suspension because the collector failed to note that the sample was transferred from a leaky cup to a new cup.

The NFL is just trying to cover all bases

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