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Aaron Curry retires, former Seattle Seahawks No. 4 draft pick

The former number 4 draft pick of the Seattle Seahawks in the 2009 NFL draft, Aaron Curry, has decided to retire from football at age 27.

The full statement reads:

After a lot of prayer. Consulting with God. The best thing for my family and myself is to retire from the @nfl. I enjoyed it #DeliveredDefender

Aaron Curry will go down as a bust in the history of the NFL. He was taken number 4 overall by the Seattle Seahawks and appeared in just 35 games. His rookie contract after the 2009 NFL Draft awarded him $34 million in guaranteed money. Another way to look at that is almost $1 million per appearance.

Curry recently said the large sum of guaranteed money in a $60 million rookie contract caused him to lose motivation.

“I was just selfish and self-centered,” Curry said, via the Newark Star-Ledger. “I was more about me than I was the Seahawks at the time. I was more focused on my own desires versus the franchise and the team. It was immaturity, and I’m glad I got past that stage.”

The New York Giants signed him this offseason but released him on August 25th.

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