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Dec 2, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Jason Hatcher (97) prepares to rush the passer during the game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Cowboys Stadium. The Cowboys beat the Eagles 38-33. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys' Jason Hatcher pranked by radio host with fake Breaking Bad spoilers

Ben Rogers of Dallas’ 105.3 The Fan’s “Ben and Skin Show” learned that Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Jason Hatcher was a big Breaking Bad fan. Ben also learned that Hatcher hadn’t watched the most recent episode of Breaking Bad.

All Breaking Bad fans know the fear involved with a friend or co-worker ruining the surprise element of the show by eagerly approaching you to talk about it. It is why none of my friends in my day-to-day life know I watch Breaking Bad, because I can never watch it live.

What if you ruined the episode by spilling details to a professional football player, like say defensive tackle Jason Hatcher?

“Did it shock you on Sunday night when Walt killed Jesse?” Rogers asks after describing the father-son relationship between the two.

“You know what, you just told me what happened in the last [episode],” Hatcher says calmly.

Hatcher stays in good spirits and doesn’t show the anger I would have if someone ruined the episode for me. Instead he offered his analysis of the shocking revelation.

“I don’t think Walt ever cared about Jesse from the beginning. I think he got so deep in him, and what he wanted to do, he kind of had Jesse brainwashed.”

He then told him that Skylar White killed her husband Walter and asked if he had ever heard of two main characters getting killed with 4 seasons left to go.

“Walt died?” Hatcher asks. “You’re lying, Walt is dead?”

Rogers calms Hatcher down saying he made it up.

Listen to the interview here, it starts around the 4:30 mark.

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