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NFL reaches $765 million settlement in concussion case with 4,500 former players

What could have been a public relations nightmare will almost assuredly be swept under the rug as today, the NFL reached a $765 million dollar settlement in the concussion case which saw over 4,500 former players sue the league.

Per Peter King:

BREAKING: The NFL’s nightmare scenario is over. Judge announced settlement between the league and the 4,500 players suing over head trauma.

NFL will pay $765 million “to fund medical exams, concussion-related compensation, and a program of medical research” for 4,500 plaintiffs.

That is about $170,000 per player and/or player’s estate.

Judge Anita Brody had sent both sides to mediation before giving a ruling, which I’m sure the NFL is quite content with.

While the $765 million dollar price tag seems staggering on the surface, it’s far from it considering the league profit margin.

The league has been dealing with the lawsuit for a few years now, which gained considerable steam when former San Diego Chargers linebacker Junior Seau took his life. Scientists who examined Seau’s brain said that the increased trauma likely played a significant factor in Seau (among others) taking his life.


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