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Website of NFL insider Peter King will call Washington Redskins 'Washington football team'

Peter King is a bit of a living legend, at least in the world of NFL writers.

The long time Sports Illustrated columnist recently opened up TheMMQB.com with the assistance of SI, where there will be no mention of the ‘Washington Redskins’.

So what’s going to happen when you’re looking for Redskins news on TheMMQB? You’ll need to look for the ‘Washington football team':

Per CBS:

Peter King’s website, the Monday Morning Quarterback, will no longer publish the name “Redskins,” Robert Klemko told Chris Moore of CBS Sports Radio on Thursday.

“I know that our site, we’ve talked about it, and we’re not going to use Redskins in our writing,” Klemko said on CBS Sports Radio’s MoJo with Chris Moore and Brian Jones.

“We’re going to say ‘Washington football team,’” Klemko added. “And it’s not something we’re going to publicize or write about. We’re just not going to do it.”

The Redskins, along with the Atlanta Braves, San Diego State Aztecs and more have all been pressured in recent years to remove their offensive mascots/names and it appears King agrees with the sentiment, considering the implementation.

It may just be a matter of time until others follow in their steps.

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