Jan 25, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo (9) calls a timeout in overtime against the Atlanta Hawks at Philips Arena. The Hawks won 123-111. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

NBA trade rumors: Rajon Rondo to the Milwaukee Bucks

Rajon Rondo has been in trade rumors for quite some time now. And, for a Celtics team that seems to be in rebuild mode, they’re probably looking to get some young talent for the star guard. Insert the Milwaukee Bucks. Their recent acquisition of Caron Butler may be for a greater purpose: Use him and other players like Brandon Knight, to get Rondo.

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Now, we heard about how Butler’s dreams came to true when he was traded to the Bucks. It was his chance to play for his “home” team. I’m not so sure if the Bucks feel the same way. If they were to get Rondo, adding him to the core of O.J. Mayo and Larry Sanders seems to put the Bucks in playoff position.

Meanwhile, Celtics get potential rising star in Knight, as well as a few draft picks. It seems like a really good deal for both sides. I’m pretty sure the Celtics are going to trade Rondo this season. The question is when. Before the season? During the season, like at the trade deadline? I say go ahead and trade him off in the off-season. You got rumors about how Rondo doesn’t even want to be here. Do you want to risk lowering his stock during the season? Some team will take him, but the price might go down.

Like I said, this is a really good deal for the teams. I like it. What do you think?

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  • Tony Curry

    What about Felton, shumpert and Amare for Rondo

    • deckbose

      How about a party hat, two poppers and a player to be named later for Rondo?

      • Tony Curry

        O.k. just put the hats on Felton, Amare and beno. Put the poppers on the bag with a first round draft pick, how about that.

        • deckbose

          I like the way you think, Tony.

          • Tony Curry

            Finally we on the same page

  • mbradleyc

    Stupid idea.

  • Steve

    We have position our selves to potentially get the 1st 2nd 3th pick in the upcoming lottery. Declaring Sanders the best player on the team assures it. If Rondo came to Milwaukee ( which I seriously doubt he would ) the Bucks would become his team.


    This story is 100% speculation. There was never a “report”. That link leads to a story based on a Yahoo contributor that is pure speculation-no sources at all. Trash.

  • Dean Nachreiner

    I don’t like to trade for anyone that doesn’t want to be in Milwaukee. I’d much rather have Caron Butler, who wants to be in Milwaukee, then Rondo who doesn’t. How many times are we going to be burned by players that ” hate” Milwaukee as a destination.

  • 123Star

    Rondo will get more than you think. I wonder if Celtics could get Cousins

    • MH11

      ummm never a chance they would give up a young kid averaging 22/12 for rondo.. Love rondo but Cousins is a beast and only going to get better and better.

  • GrizzledPete

    Brandon Knight would not be a rising star in the D League. Can anyone write for this site?

  • Michael Schild

    Lets see how Rondo looks before we start trading him off. Any smart team is going to give him at least a month to knock the rust off and really show where he is at after his injury. Then? We can start the speculations. I think that particular trade is great for Boston. Milwaukee? mmmmmmmmmm possibly….I can’t really go out on a limb and say its a great move for them….

  • repudiate

    I love it-everyone-myself included to 1/2 teams in Fantasy gave up on Rondo,as it seemed he was taking too long to put up #’s;so today 19pts 10assts in 27minutes;for Fantasy and NBA time to buy low may have just passed.Rondo’s rust will keep polishing until he’s back to Elite PG status-Cousins-no way! ;knight,Why?If Celtics get rid of Rondo they’d better make it a great move and they don’t have players to package around him to get equal value.Hang on to him! Simple.Now you can build team around him!

  • Cleo O’Donnell

    What an idiot……..