Jun 11, 2013; San Antonio, TX, USA; San Antonio Spurs center DeJuan Blair (45) and Miami Heat center Joel Anthony (50) go for a rebound during the fourth quarter of game three of the 2013 NBA Finals at the AT

Joel Anthony wants to retire with the Miami Heat

Well isn’t that adorable? Joel Anthony wants to spend his entire career with the Heat. He was around before the big three came together so I guess the winning isn’t the only reason he wants to stick around.

It’s gonna be interesting to see what happens to him. He’s in a tight rotation with Chris Bosh, Chris “BIRDMAN BIRDMAN” Anderson, Udonis Haslem, and Greg Oden…if he does play. Not to mention LeBron James can flip to the PF spot. Heck, he could play Center too!

Anyway, rumors had it that Anthony was on the trading block. His time could be coming. He has a player option that I’m guessing he’ll take but then that’s it.

I do like seeing players ride their whole career with a team. There’s a level of loyalty and commitment there. Of course, it’s a business too and teams and players ultimately want to win (mostly players; owners want enough wins to get fans coming out so they get paid). Still, I have an odd habit of holding onto players in NBA 2k. That’s why I’m a blogger and not a GM, huh?

Either way, money is tight for the Heat so they’ll be looking to shed some salary. And, with Joel being just 31, I’m sure he’d find work somewhere else for a few more years.

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