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Top tankers in the NBA

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This season, for some teams, is a time to lose now to win later. The 2014 draft is projected to bring in some stars. We’re talking about 2003 where great players like LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Darko Milicic , and Dwayne Wade came from. But wait! There’s more. The upcoming free agent class of 2014 could see stars moving around. Teams with money can make splashes all over the place. It’ll be quite the pool party.

So, with a crazy draft and free agency ahead of us, some teams are setting them selves up to be a destination for these players. Some teams blew their rosters up while some teams simply won’t be good, even with improvements. Let’s take a look at who I think will be the five worst teams in this upcoming season. In order of fifth worst to absolute worst:

5. Utah Jazz

Now, the Jazz will be bad if only because they have to play other teams. They have some nice players to work with and I could be wrong about them compared to the other teams on this list. Still, they will be in the lottery, no matter what.

4. Phoenix Suns

The Suns grabbed “mini LeBron” in Eric Bledsoe from the Clippers. And while Bledsoe may have a bright and starry future ahead of him, the Suns, currently assembled, are bad. Bad enough to be in the lottery once again. They have some nice pieces though so they might have the brightest future of all the teams on this list. Okay, not really.

3. Sacramento Kings

I wrote earlier today about how new coach Mike Malone was going to infuse some life into the roster. That still doesn’t excuse the fact that this roster needs some serious help. They got some young, sexy pieces. But, as young as they are, they’ve been in the league for quite some time. Also, outside of DeMarcus Cousins, there doesn’t seem to be a future star in the works. I see good players here but nothing all-star worthy. We’ll see. Even if they do improve, I don’t know by how much.

2. Orlando Magic

Really, guys? I mean, they have some veterans like Jameer Nelson and Hedo Turkoglu. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them traded at the deadline though. Outside of that, projects, projects everywhere! They’ll be bad alright.

1. Philadelphia 76ers

Was there really a question? The Sixers made sure they had nothing to work with. They even went the summer without a coach! I mean, they are really ready for this next summer. They want to lose, and lose big. They traded their star for a guy who tore his ACL. Come on now. Kwame Brown has a chance to see significant minutes. As a fan, I keep asking myself if I can handle it. I’m bracing myself to hear a lot of “this is the worst loss in franchise history” and “longest losing streak since 1972-73″ and stuff like that. While Wiggins is apparently the top prize, being in the top three spots seems to be a good goal.

So, agree with the list? Who’s gonna blow the team up during the season to make a run for Wiggins? Let me know!

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