Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim owner wants to change their name

April 9, 2013; Anaheim, CA, USA; General view of Los Angeles Angels batting helmets and equipment at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

From the California Angels to the Anaheim Angels, the other team Major League Baseball team with Los Angeles-ish ties (I’d say Sothern California but don’t want to upset San Diego Padres fans) has gone through a handful of name changes in recent years.

Most recently, owner Arte Moreno (who apparently has more money than one can count) had their name changed again, this time to reflect the addition of ‘Los Angeles’.

So technically, they’re to be called the ‘Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim’. Of course, nobody does that. They’re either referred to as the Los Angeles Angels or the Anaheim Angels, but Moreno, despite playing in Orange County is tired of the whole ‘Anaheim’ thing and wants it dropped from the team name.

Per the Los Angeles Times:

The Anaheim City Council is expected to vote Tuesday to enter lease negotiations with the Angels that could keep the team in the city through 2057 but enable the team to drop the clumsy “of Anaheim” suffix from its name.

Under the proposed deal, the Angels — and not the city — would pay for a major renovation of Angel Stadium. In return, Angels owner Arte Moreno would rent land surrounding the stadium for $1 per year and secure development rights to that land for at least 66 years.

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  • Dan

    Good thing he hasn’t tried to venture into map-making because he would totally fail that. Change it back to Anaheim Angels.

  • Wolf

    No, the clumsy part is the f’ng Los Angeles part! The team is NOWHERE NEAR LA!

  • Alison Cooke

    I swear, Moreno… You are ruining the team my family has loved all of our lives. “Tired of the whole Anaheim thing”? Have you looked at a map? Were you tired of the whole winning thing too? Have you looked at our records since you became the owner? Give us our Anaheim Angels back!! Or go back to the California Angels. Just give us our team back. We were fine without you. We were actually World Series Champions without you.

    • Shane Michael

      What you have to understand is the Angels were originally L.A. In fact they are the most L.A. team (historically) than any L.A. team of any sport right now. The Angels name itself is a reflection of Los “Angeles” meaning Angels. Duh.
      The only reason they changed from California Angels to Anaheim was because Anaheim helped Disney with 30 million in funding for renovating the stadium (Disney put in 87 million) and said they would only help with the renovation if they change the name. Which makes sense…kind of…location wise. However, the name itself will always reflect L.A…unless your going to change the Angles name to something that reflects Anaheim…like Disneyland or something corny like that. LOL

      • Alison Cooke

        Yes, I realize that. Duh. I guess with your logic, the Dodgers should be called the Brooklyn Dodgers of Los Angeles then. That would make sense. Huh? What about the Rams? How dare they say they’re the St Louis Rams! Don’t they know their roots?

        Your argument is dumb. They don’t play in Los Angeles anymore.

        The Angels in name reflects and pays tribute to their history. That’s enough. They don’t need to claim to be from there as well. The name is enough of a tribute.

        I’m not an idiot. I know their history. I also know the difference between your and you’re. Sorry, I’m not usually a smart ass in comments, but don’t treat me like I’m just some dumb girl who doesn’t know anything.

        • Shane Michael

          The answer is no.

          I like the fact that the team is going back to it’s roots. Yes it’s using the Anaheim stadium, but it was never meant to be called Anaheim. If the name was changing the city to L.A. and they were never called L.A. than I would be on your side. But the fact that I still have a booklet from the 60′s that my Dad held onto with the cover saying LA Angels…it made me realize that the teams roots are from LA. The team originated in LA which is awesome. They are the original LA team. Not 1 sport team is originally from LA except the Angels. Yea, the LA Dodgers were in the MLB first, but they are not originally from LA.

          • Alison Cooke

            Of course you love it. You live in Torrence. Maybe if you lived in Orange County, you’d feel differently. And the Rams played in LA for 33 years before they moved to Anaheim for their last stint in CA. I have a feeling they didn’t think they would be staying there as long as they did (14 years) so never changed their city to reflect the move, but you’re right… they should have because they no longer played in LA. I was never a Rams fan anyway, so I didn’t care. If Anaheim was in LA County, I would understand. But it’s not. Who cares where they originally played? They are in Anaheim now. And if he wants to change the name, go back to the California Angels, that at least makes sense.

          • Shane Michael

            Actually Alison, me living in Torrance (with an “a” not an “e”) makes me more objective than you. I live in what is considered a Beach City and just as far away from L.A. as you are. So, I have no ties to 1 city. You do. This makes you obviously more affectionate to your home town. I’m looking at from an un-bias point of view.

          • Alison Cooke

            I actually live in Nashville, TN… Just grew up in Tustin.

      • Alison Cooke

        Also, I would be fine if they went back to California Angels.

  • Steven Pena

    Most people seem to forget that the team was originally called the Los Angeles Angels – the only originally MLB team in Los Angeles. I actually prefer that name. I never liked the other names they used.
    Anyway, it is Moreno’s team so I support his ability to name it however he wishes.

    • Alison Cooke

      You are correct. AND they played in LA at that time. They changed their name when they moved to Anaheim because they no longer played in LA.

      • Shane Michael

        Actually they changed their city (not name) to California before Anaheim. They are still the Angels which is representing LA. So no matter what you say or how you say it…when you say Anaheim Angels or California Angels…you are representing LA because the Angel name came from Los “Angeles”
        And YOUR WRONG about teams changing names to their location. Where do you think the LA RAMS PLAYED?? I’ll give you a hint…it’s near Disneyland. LOL

        • Alison Cooke

          By changing names, I meant the city part of their name. And I don’t need to repeat what I said below here.

  • Shane Michael

    Just an FYI to everybody that may not know the history of the Angels; including this guy who posted this article.
    The Angels, before they were a Major League team back in 1892, was a minor league team in a division called the Pacific Coast League. And guess what they were called? They were called the Los Angeles Angels…back in 1892. The reason they inevitably were brought up to the Majors was because they were considered in the minor league as the Yankees of the West. They were that good. And even till this day the Angels record as an expansion team holds the best record for their 1st year.
    So, not only were they the ORIGINAL L.A. baseball team that played in L.A., but their name was originally designed to be L.A., hence the name Angels. It was coined Angels from the name Los “Angeles” which means Angels in Spanish.
    The Angels are more L.A. than any sport team that is currently in L.A. now! The Lakers came from Michigan, Clippers came from San Diego, Dodgers came from Brooklyn, Raiders were Oakland and Rams were St. Louis.
    The ANGELS ARE L.A. Moreno is just bringing it back. Get over it!

    • Alison Cooke

      Sports teams move cities and change their names accordingly. They left LA. Get over it!

      • Shane Michael

        They didn’t change their name. They’re still the Angels…hence..they reflect LA, not Anaheim. Sorry, do no pass go..do not collect $200 LOL
        Ouch, sick burn

        • Alison Cooke

          Again, by changing their name… i meant the city part of their name. I’m not an idiot. I know where The Angels came from. And your foolish comments are not ruining my day. I’m not hurt at all. You’re just showing your age or maybe just your maturity level – ouch, sick burn? Who says that? My 8 year old nephew and his friends.

          • Shane Michael

            Sick Burn is a fun joke. Don’t get butt hurt. It’s not all that serious. Sorry to ruin your day.
            Remember, I’m the same loyal Angels fan that probably sat across from you at one game.
            Go Angels.

          • Alison Cooke

            I believe I said you were NOT ruining my day

    • http://istaripictures.com/ Istari Pictures

      Well…you got part of it right. The L.A. Angels (the ones you’re referring to) became the Spokane Indians in 1953. The Los Angeles Angels (MLB) was founded in 1961 and used the L.A. Angels name to pay tribute to the old PCL team.

      So…really…the Dodgers were the first L.A. MLB team because the original PCL L.A. Angels became the Spokane Indians. O’Malley sold Gene Autry the rights to use the L.A. Angels name and Autry went with that while the Angels were in L.A. They played at Wrigley Field (in South LA) in 1961 and Dodger Stadium/Chavez Ravine from 1962-65, then became the CA Angels when they moved to Anaheim. The Angels missed being the “first” LA team by 3 years (Dodgers moved prior to 1958 season).

      So the L.A. Angels …the team that we all know and love…was founded in 1961…not 1892. That old PCL team was a different team and became the Spokane Indians.

      The Dodgers are the FIRST L.A. MLB team, but the Angels are the ORIGINAL L.A. MLB team. The Angels were founded in L.A. and moved to Anaheim.

      Go Dodgers/Angels!

      • Shane Michael

        They were the first Baseball team in LA and more original since they came from L.A.
        Dodgers are not originally LA, Neither are the Clippers, Lakers, Raiders, Rams etc etc.

        They are originally LA and you can never change that.

        • Alison Cooke

          No one is trying to rewrite history here. Their name pays homage to their history and that is enough.

          • Shane Michael

            And that’s all I’m saying. LA is the grass roots of who they are. But to take offense to them changing it from Anaheim to LA, but not showing offense from Anaheim to California is a conflict in logic.
            Be that as it may…Anaheim will always be home to the Angels. That will never change.

          • Alison Cooke

            Well, they DO play in California. They do NOT play in LA. LA is my least favorite part of CA, so that is why I care.

          • Shane Michael

            So because you hate L.A. (the city) you are against the name change? Well, that shows bias which means your credibility is lost.
            I’ve been a fan of the Angels all my life (32) and I have gone from the transition from California Angels to Anaheim Angels to Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. And for a long time I too was upset with them making it LA. They didn’t play in LA and if they were to change their name it should be California Angles…right!? However, one day my Dad brought out his old (in perfect condition) Angel scouting book from the 60′s with a big LA on it. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I read up on the Angels and after much research the Angels are thru and thru an LA team. They are the most LA team (in terms of originally from) than any LA team from all sports (NBA, NFL etc).

            By the way, there are plenty of teams that play in a stadium that is not in the city they claim. Such as both the New York Giants and New York Jets. They play in New Jersey LOL. What about the Dallas Cowboys? They play in Arlington. Tampa Bay Rays? They play in St. Petersburg. And the New England Patriots? 21 miles from Boston in Foxborough, Mass. Which is how far Anaheim is from LA…26 miles. It’s not like they play in San Diego or Oakland. They play 20 miles away. And if all these other big teams have done it without your grief then you have to let it go.

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