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Pam Oliver opens up about scary concussion

There is a concussion epidemic in football right now and it’s not only with the players. Veteran sideline reporter Pam Oliver was hit in the face with a stray ball thrown by former Indianapolis Colts Chandler Harnish. Oliver stayed on the field to finish reporting but the incident left her with a concussion that needed 5 days in a dark room to heal.

“I slept for hours on end. The minute you wake up you’re reminded. Your head is pounding. The sun was completely my enemy. My blinds were drawn. It was miserable. … I worried about my memory, but after five days things began clearing up.” ~ Pam Oliver

When Oliver left the stadium she developed a painfully strong headache and after seeking medical attention the next day was diagnosed with a concussion. Concussions are nasty injuries which can take time to show their true effects. When Oliver was originally hit with the ball she didn’t think much of it, but by the next day she knew it was serious.

“Players don’t want to be reminded about their concussions. They don’t want to be known as the guy who went down with one. They downplay it. Then it happens to me and I start wondering how these guys go back to being hit, taking all that punishment, a week or two later

Oliver will make her return to the sidelines on September 8th and plans on keeping an extra eye out for stray footballs hurdling towards her face. Perhaps she should consider a helmet?

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