WWE Monday Night RAW Recap: Big Show's back against the wall


Hello Ladies and Gentleman and welcome to my WWE Monday Night RAW recap for FanSided.com

Tonight WWE RAW kicked out with the C.O.O. Triple H standing in the middle of the ring with The Shield standing at ring side. Once again, Triple H introduced WWE Champion Randy Orton as the face of the WWE. Randy Orton’s music hit and the WWE Champion made his slow stroll down the ramp with the WWE Championship resting over his left shoulder. Orton held the WWE Championship above his head with a microphone in hand and went on to saying he cannot and will not let the image of the company be tarnished, that if people disrespect him, they are disrespecting the WWE and they will need to be dealt with.

Orton’s promo is cut short for a brief minute as the WWE Universe sounded off with some ‘No! No! No!’ then ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’ chants of their own. Orton goes on to talk about Daniel Bryan defacing the Cadillac Escalade. He went on to say he had to deface Daniel Bryan, leading to a look back at WWE Smackdown where Randy Orton and The Shield beat on Bryan before spray painting ‘No’ over his midsection. The WWE Champion asks the WWE Universe if Daniel Bryan should face him at Night of Champions for the WWE Title. The crowd chants ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’ as Randy Orton shuts it down, mentioning that Daniel Bryan has “no chance in hell” at beating him at the Night of Champions Pay Per View.

Triple H gets back on the microphone and says it’s his responsibility to give the fans what they want. But goes on to saying he is beginning to worry about the health and well being of Daniel Bryan. He talks about how his ego gets in the way and how the fans are encouraging him to put himself in harms way with their ‘Yes!’ chants. The former World Heavyweight Champion goes on to compare Daniel Bryan to Doink The Clown, saying Doink never became WWE champion because it was bad for business.

After Triple H continues to rant, Daniel Bryan’s music hits and the crowd jumps to their feet as the bearded underdog steps out onto the stage with a microphone in hand. The former WWE champion says how he is thrilled to be compared to Doink The Clown. He says that only clowns that he sees are the two standing in the ring. Bryan calls Triple H a corporate sell out and how Randy Orton decided to pull himself from the WWE title picture until Triple H decided to hand it too him. Both men who will obviously face off at WWE Night of Champions continue to go back and forth.

Bryan mentions the struggles and obstacles he had to overcome ever since he started wrestling and that Randy Orton was handed everything he has had. Bryan says Randy doesn’t have the heart of a champion. Triple H points out the fact that The Big Show who has an Iron Clad contract is who Daniel Bryan should be angry at. Triple H makes a main event match up of Daniel Bryan vs The Big Show. Triple H’s music hits and a video package of Paul Heyman’s attack on CM Punk airs before a commercial break.

RAW comes back from commercial to Triple H and Randy Orton walking down the hallway talking about Big Show crying until they run into Cody Rhodes. Rhodes shakes Triple H’s hand and asks how his Dad is doing. Rhodes says tonight’s main event will be great as long as nobody gets involved. Rhodes plays the face card, asking why Orton doesn’t face Daniel Bryan straight up. Cody says Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan is what’s best for business. Triple H says the main event is what’s best for business tonight. It slips out that Cody Rhodes is about to get married and asks if Randy got invited to the wedding. It puts Orton vs Rhodes in a match that could end in Cody Rhodes being terminated by the WWE.

Fandango vs The Miz

Cameras cut to the ring as Fandago’s theme hits. He comes out to the stage and begins to dance with the lovely Summer Rae eventually making his way towards the ring. ‘Awesome’ blasts over the PA system and the obvious face in this match up makes his way to the ring. Video package of Cody Rhodes vs Fandango from last Monday airs, where The Miz comes out dressed as Fandango looking to mock the young superstar. Both men lock up and Miz immediately takes control of the match. Irish whips Fandango and tosses him over with a hip toss. Fandango rolls out of the ring and Miz meets him outside. Picks him up and drops him face first on the barricade. Both men end up in the ring where Miz takes control once again. Fandango pushes Miz into the corner and delivers two shoulder thrusts and several punches to The Miz. Miz hits Fandango with a running boot and goes for the cover but only picks up a TWO count.

The commercial break ends as the action continues with Fandango dancing in the ring, he covers Miz and picks up a two count. The boot that Fandango took from The Miz earlier clearly broke his nose. Fandango continues control as he distracts the ref letting Summer Rae slap Miz across the face. Miz crawls to the middle of the ring where Fandango goes to capitalize but allows Miz to take control of the match. Fandango sets himself up on the top rope where Miz dragon whips him off the top rope sending him to the mat. Miz goes for the figure four, Fandango kicks him away and takes control of the match again with a spring board leg drop while Miz was caught up in the corner. Fandango walks around, showing the dragon whip he took earlier from Miz did damage to his leg. Miz grabs ahold of his leg, locks in the figure four leg lock and picks up the win.

WINNER: The Miz via Submission

Cameras cut to Daniel Bryan and Booker T in the locker room. Booker explains that Bryan’s fight with the McMahon’s is a fight that he will not win. He says the bottom line is that maybe Daniel should give up the title match. Bryan drops Booker T’s infamous “Tell me you did not just say that” line. Booker tries to plead with Daniel Bryan but the determined underdog is having none of it as he walks off.

Dolph Ziggler vs Ryback

Dolph Ziggler’s music hits and “The Showoff” comes out to a standing ovation from a crowd who is clearly on his side. Ziggler makes his way to the ring as he prepares for action against his mystery opponent. A match up made by RAW general manager Brad Maddox made before the event aired. The United States Champion Dean Ambrose who ambushed Ziggler from behind. Ambrose beats down Ziggler, throwing him shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Ambrose rolls out of the ring and gets face to face with a beaten up Ambrose.

Ryback’s music hits and is revealed as Ziggler’s mystery opponent. Chants of ‘Goldberg’ are heard through the crowd as Ziggler pulls himself up to his feet, barely hanging on to the top rope. He encourages Ryback to ‘bring it’ and gets thrown across the ring with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Ryback hammers away at the back of Ziggler’s head and stalks his opponent. Ryback pretty much treats the beaten up Ziggler like weak prey. He grabs a fist full of his hair, pulls him up to his feet and throws him across the ring. The monster of a man continues his assault on Ziggler until he tries to hit his ‘Meat Hook Clothesline’ but runs into a drop kick by Ziggler. Ryback bounces back and then hits his signature clothesline, stopping Ziggler in his tracks.

He pulls Ziggler up over his shoulders and drives him into the mat with his finishing move ‘The Shell Shock’ for a 1, 2, 3 victory.

WINNER: Ryback

Camera cuts to the backstage area where Triple H and Stephanie are talking until Brad Maddox interrupts them and let’s them know that the Big Show is refusing to fight Daniel Bryan in the main event. Stephanie tells her husband that she will take care of it and walks off camera as a video package of the new Tag Team Los Matadores airs before commercial break.

Stephanie McMahon’s music hits after the commercial break and the executive vice president makes her way to the ring. She picks up a mic and goes on to talk about her life growing up in locker rooms and introduces The Big Show as “her giant”. Big Shows music hit and the 7’0 500 pound monster makes his way to the ring with a smiling Stephanie McMahon standing in the middle of the ring. The veteran heavyweight comes out and gives Stephanie a hug and starts to listen to her talk. She goes on to say that Big Show is broke, he’s made some bad investments and pretty much bashes his personal life in front of the WWE Universe.

Big Show begins to cry as Stephanie continues on to talk about him and his iron clad contract, asking him how long his body can keep it up. She points out Shows biggest fear that giants don’t medically live as long as “regular” people. That he will make the right decision for his family by facing Daniel Bryan in the main event. She apologizes to Big Show but says that the only person is hurting more than he is right now is herself. She hugs him and Show continues to play up the sobbing big of this promo. Stephanie exits the ring and heads back to the locker room as Show stands in the middle of the ring in tears.

A video package for Edge airs before the commercial break ends, showing that he will be on RAW for one night only next Monday.

3MB vs Prime Time Players

Prime Time Players have picked up speed the last couple of weeks and slowly made their turn to a becoming a face tag team. This tag team match is an obvious squash match as the tag team action begins. Titus O’Neil starts off in the ring with Heath Slater. O’Neil takes control of the match and Slater as he stomps him in his corner. The crowd cheers as Darren Young makes his way into the match up after hitting a shoulder block on Slater, pinning him but picking up a TWO count. Young and Jinder go back and forth until 3MB double team him in the corner. Slater gains momentum over Young, locking him in a sleeper hold in the middle of the ring.

The crowd claps, getting Young into it as he delivers elbows to the mid section only to throw a right hand which gets ducked under and falls into a neck breaker. Mahal makes his way into the ring after a tag with Slater and delivers four knees to Young’s chest. Slater and Mahal show great team work, tagging each other in and out while punishing one half of the Prime Time Players. The ‘Hot Tag’ sequence of the tag match picks up as Young delivers a over the shoulder belly to belly Suplex which leads to a tag on Titus O’Neil. He eventually hits Mahal with his finisher ‘Clash of the Titus’ for the victory.

WINNERS: Prime Time Players

Brad Maddox appears on the phone backstage when Paul Heyman walks up behind him, telling him to call whoever he was talking too back. Heyman and Maddox begin to talk about the fact that Maddox allowed the WWE Universe decide his fate. He talks about the match up at WWE Night of Champions. He asks if CM Punk getting his hands on him, if it was best for business. Of course Triple H shows up and begins to talk to Heyman.

Triple H says he approved the match up between CM Punk vs Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman. Triple H says he’s a huge fan of Paul Heyman and the way he’s able to weasel himself out of situations. This match pretty much guarantees he doesn’t weasel his way out of it. He goes on to say he’ll be watching with a big smile on his face and plays face for a moment, saying maybe this will result in getting the beating he deserves from CM Punk.

The Wyatt Family video package airs, talking about what went down between Bray Wyatt and Kane at Summer Slam in the Ring of Fire (Inferno Match) in which Wyatt was victorious. Wyatt says he warned Kane, that the fire he thought was his friend would ultimately be his ending. He says Kane allowed his pride to cloud his common sense and knew Kane would fall victim to him. He calls Kane a lamb that was led to slaughter. Wyatt says Kane made his bed and now he’s burning in it. These guys are brilliant.

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes

Rhodes music hits and he walks out looking concerned about the upcoming match up. Let me point out the fact that Cody shaved his epic mustache. That’s right, the Cody Rhodestache is gone. Randy Orton’s music echos through the arena once again, but this time the reaction from the crowd is sorta dead. Cody is seen kneeling in the corner with a look of defeat on his face as Orton raises his arms in the air after his name is announced halfway down the ramp.

The cocky champion makes his way up the stairs and steps into the ring, pulling himself onto the middle turnbuckle for his signature pose. The bell finally rings and both men circle each other looking for an opening as they lock up. Orton powers Rhodes into the corner and delivers elbows to the side of his head. Rhodes recovers and takes control of the match until Orton hits the corner after an irish whip, storming out and hitting Rhodes with a clothesline. Orton throws Rhodes out of the ring and follows after him as they battle outside the ring. The crowd seems to be into this match up as Rhodes rolls in Orton for a pin only to pick up a TWO and ONE count.

The momentum in this match continues to swing back and forth between Rhodes and the champion. Rhodes being the underdog in this possibly career altering match, does what he can to break down the champion during the match up. The crowd begins to get behind Cody as Orton delivers a stomp to the face of the challenger. Both men continue to take control, letting the other unload attacks of their own. Orton hits his signature neck/back breaker with Rhodes hung up on the turnbuckle which sends Rhodes outside the ring.

Commercial comes back with Rhodes taking control outside the ring, delivering stomps to Orton’s midsection. Orton rolls through the ring out onto the other side and Rhodes chases him. Randy takes control once again, dropping Rhodes back first on the barricade then delivering a forearm to his chest. The champion breaks Rhodes down, locking in a sleeper hold as the camera cuts to the locker room with at least 15 superstars watching on a monitor. All of them look concerned. Rhodes hits a spring board drop kick only to pick up a TWO count on the champion. Rhodes looks frustrated as he stalks his former mentor. Rhodes misses the first attempt with the Disaster Kick but hits the second.

It’s not enough to put the champion away as he picks up a TWO count once again. Orton picks up control of the match once again as Rhodes went for a top rope moonsault which he avoided. He swings Rhodes body through the middle ropes and hits that signature hang man DDT. He works up the crowd as he looks to hit the RKO, Rhodes catches him and hits the ‘The Cross Rhodes’ but the champion kicks out again. This match has been AMAZING so far.

Orton hits the RKO on Rhodes and picks up the victory.

WINNER: WWE Champion Randy Orton

After the match Triple H comes out, congratulates Orton and sends him to the back. He begins to speak, telling the crowd to give up for Cody Rhodes. He says Rhodes fought like his life was on the line and that he fought with heart but says this is a business. He then fires Cody Rhodes. Rhodes limps his way towards the back to a chant of ‘Thank You Cody’ as the cameras fade to commercial.

As RAW enters the final hour of the program, CM Punk’s music finally hits after Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and JBL reflect on what happened after the match up between Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton. The crowd rises to their feet as Chicago’s CM Punk makes his way onto the stage with a kendo stick in hand. Punk looks as if he is ready to go to war right away, but shows a bit of a limp as a result from the beating he took last Monday night on RAW.

He climbs into the ring with the kendo stick in hand, swinging it around and gripping tightly onto the handle. He reaches for a mic and settles in the middle of the ring with everybody’s attention on him. The crowd chants ‘CM Punk!’ before he begins to talk. He starts off saying, he promises no more empty threats and no more talking. He says hes having a hard time coming up with what he’s supposed to say next as he hits the ring with the kendo stick. Punk holds out the kendo stick says he’s dressed and ready to compete but wrestling is the furthest from his mind right now. He then shouts that he wants a fight, the crowd loves it and cheers him on.

Punk clearly wants to fight Paul Heyman and says if it means he has to go through Curtis Axel to get to Paul Heyman, he’s all for it. He says in 13 days he’s got them both and that he’s in such a dark place that he wouldn’t even want to fight himself right now. Punk says he’s out to say something to everybody in the arena and watching at home. He says that everybody who has supported him, bought his t-shirt, bought a ticket to see him etc., that he guarantees he will get by Curtis Axel and get his hands on Paul Heyman. Punk says that he promises to break Paul Heyman’s face.

Video package of Punk’s attack by Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel is once again aired.

Camera cuts once again to Daniel Bryan as Big Show approaches him. Big Show says he didn’t want to be apart of this fight but he’s under a lot of pressure. Big Show continues to get emotional as the two continue to talk. The giant claims he’s in a no win situation. Bryan says he’s going to beat him just like he did for his first World Heavyweight Championship.

This weeks’ WWE Rewind was the “pipe bomb” that A.J. Lee delivered on the rest of the WWE Divas, well the cast of “Total Divas” from last Monday. Which was pretty amazing.

Natalya vs Naomi vs Brie Bella

This match up is a triple threat to determine the #1 contender for the WWE Divas Champion. Before the match up begins, WWE Divas Champion A.J. Lee skips her way out to the commentator’s table. All three women exchange attacks between each of them. Brie hits a nasty clothesline on the former Divas champion Natalya then hits a running knee to her jaw. Naomi goes to pin Natalya until A.J. jumps in the ring and breaks up the count that stops the match. The Divas gang up on the champion as the time keeper rings the bell. Lee continues to fight despite taking a flurry of attacks from the Divas she disrespected last week on RAW. They leave her laying in the middle of the ring in pain.

WINNER: No Contest

And once again after the commercial break a video package for Los Matadores airs. If you don’t know, this new tag team is Epico and Primo.

Damian Sandow vs Rob Van Dam 

As the video package segment ends, the camera cuts to Damian Sandow standing in the middle of the ring. Ricardo Rodriguez comes out and announces Rob Van Dam. I have to admit this is pretty weird to see. They need to put Ricardo back with Alberto Del Rio. Anyways, RVD’s music hits and the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship makes his way to the ring. The bell rings and both men lock up, leading RVD to slide behind Sandow and getting backed into the corner. Sandow works the arm of RVD and delivers a big boot to the #1 contender.

The crowd gets behind RVD as delivers right hands to Sandow’s ribs until he grabs a handful of hair and throws him to the mat. RVD hits his signature springboard kick and then Del Rio’s music hits getting the attention of RVD. Sandow takes advantage of the distraction and knocks him out of the ring. Sandow takes control of the match out once again, delivering a suplex then locking in a sleeper hold once again to RVD. Sandow covers RVD but only picks up a TWO count. Del Rio watches on from the stage as RVD hits a drop kick to the chin of Sandow. He delivers a flurry of attacks but gets hit with a side Russian leg sweep by Sandow.

Ricardo stands at ringside with a look of concern on his face. He begins to pound on the mat to get the crowd behind RVD once again and that’s exactly what they do as he picks up momentum only to get it taken away from him. Van Dam blocks a suplex and turns it into a small package where he only picks up a TWO count. He catches Sandow on the chin with a standing kick to the jaw and hits his Rolling Thunder in the middle of the ring. He goes to leap onto the top ropes but gets caught from behind by Sandow who rolls him up, only getting a TWO count.

RVD drops Sandows throat across the top rope and pulls himself onto the top turnbuckle and delivers the Five Star Frog Splash for the victory.

WINNER: Rob Van Dam


Daniel Bryan vs Big Show

Superstars from the locker room make their way out onto the stage. It looks like they will doing the whole “make them watch” angle again. The first man out is Daniel Bryan, who makes his typical entrance. The crowd has been live tonight for both CM Punk, Cody Rhodes and now Daniel Bryan for their television time. The Big Show comes out and makes his way to the ring getting a mix of looks from the remainder of the locker room who remain on the stage. He slaps hands with a couple fans at ring side before making his way into the ring.

The bell sounds and Show tells Bryan from across the ring to please not make him do this. Bryan attacks Show but Show pushes him away. Bryan rushes him once again but show grabs him by the head and throws him outside the ring. Daniel sits outside, looking up at Show as he tells him that this is not going to end well. Bryan runs around the ring, slides in and delivers a drop kick to Shows knee taking the big man down. The former WWE Champion unloads a massive amount of kicks to the 500 pound giant, using his speed to his advantage. He delivers two running drop kicks to Show who sat in the corner only to run into a big boot that sends him to the mat.

Show gets up and looks furious, delivering massive chops to his chest and nearly body slams him through the mat. Show shouts at Bryan who lays on the mat in pain telling him this is not what he wants to do, that Bryan is bringing it on himself. Bryan stands up and delivers two kicks to Shows knee only to get knocked back down. Show shouts at him again to stop fighting, begging him to stop that he doesn’t want to do this too him.

Bryan refuses to give up and hits Show with two forearms before being knocked down once again. Bryan continues to take the fight to the Big Show as he delivers his Yes kicks to the chest of the 7’0 heavyweight. Show catches the final kick, grabs him by the throat but gets hit with a DDT for a TWO count. The Indy star climbs the turnbuckle looking to hit an aerial move but gets caught with a spear in mid air by the big man. It looks like he knocked the wind out of Bryan as Show gets ready to deliver that massive right hand.

Show stops and goes to exit the ring until Triple H’s music hits and out comes himself accompanied by The Shield. Triple H tells Show to get back in the ring and finish his job. As Big Show walks away, The Shield slides in and picks apart Bryan until Show slides back in the ring only to come face to face with Triple H again. Triple H gets Show to back up and orders The Shield to finish Daniel Bryan. They deliver a massive power bomb which lays him out in the middle of the ring.

Big Show stands in the corner crying, forced to look at Triple H. Triple H tells Big Show that he’s going to ball up his own fist and do what he’s told for his family. He orders him to knock Daniel Bryan out but refuses and walks away from the ring. Show backs up away from the ring begging to be left alone but Triple H’s wife’s music hits again. She meets him halfway up the ramp, telling him to think about his family that he will get one last chance. She walks the sobbing giant back to the ring who clearly wants no part in this destruction of the smaller Daniel Bryan.

He makes his way back up into the ring with Stephanie McMahon behind him. Triple H orders him once again to ball up his fist and knock out Daniel Bryan. Show balls up his fist, approaches Bryan and delivers the knock out blow to Bryan’s jaw sending him to the mat.

The show ends with Randy Orton standing over Daniel Bryan once again.

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