Pro Poker player gets beat and his facial expression is priceless (Video)

They got 4 cards down on the table in the tournament. Carter Gill has a pocket Ace and 10 giving him two pairs. He went all in betting 372,000 chips. David Paredes, who has a pocket Ace and Queen, is considering what to do. He basically needs that last card to be a queen to win the hand.

The statistics on the side say that Gill even has a 93% chance of winning the hand.

“You don’t bluff right?” Paredes asked.

It sounds like Gill says something along the lines of “not yet” in response and something about seeing a “bet bluffed one time.” I can’t quite make it out. He then proceeds to tell a story about checking down.

“All you need is a queen man,” Gill says. “If you call, you need a queen.”

Paredes seems stunned that he knows what he is holding.

“I’m just saying all you need is a queen right?”

Paredes calls and Gill seems smugly happy that he guessed his hand correctly and coerced him into calling the bet. He asks for the 5 of clubs but karma had something else in mind.

While still smirking and boasting about being right, a queen is turned over and his face just changes and it is priceless.

Paredes shakes his hand as he leaves the table and someone, I think Paredes, says “it was your talking that did it man.”

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