NFC Preview 2013: Who will top their divisions?

tony romo

NFC East

Intrigue in Philly, half-filled glasses in New York, dysfunction in Dallas, hope in D.C.

I love RGIII. I hope he’s fine coming off his injury. But man alive have you seen that schedule? AFC WEST (easy), NFC NORTH (tough), and their two bonus games are Atlanta and San Francisco. Ugh. I think what made RGIII dangerous was his legs. This year’s offense will be his arm + Alfred Morris. Is it enough? I don’t think so. >>>READ MORE

russ wilson

NFC West

The Church of Wilsonism and the best division in football

I’m drinking the breakout juice for Sam Bradford. Rotoviz had this great piece about the parallels between Aaron Rodgers and Bradford at 25. Statistically, Bradford should run the division in terms of passing yards and passing touchdowns. The no huddle pace and aerial attack can lean on slot receiving deity Tavon Austin and the league’s most underrated deep threat, Chris Givens. I was sold during the third preseason game–historically the most realized dress rehearsal–when, at a Denver D that fielded the now-suspended-for-six-games Von Miller, Bradford coughed his way down the field like a driver in a snow plow.  >>>READ MORE

Saints Drew Brees - Falcons John Abraham

NFC South

Atlanta is desperate, New Orleans is angry, Tampa Bay is intriguing, Carolina needs a new head coach

The Carolina Panthers have been a trendy sleeper pick multiple times; the only time they have actually succeeded was in 2003, when what was supposed to be a mediocre offense helmed by Rodney Peete and DeShaun Foster transformed into a joyfully cardiac squad led by Jake Delhomme 2 and a resurgent Stephen Davis, granting Jerry Richardson an NFC Championship trophy for his library that most likely smells of rich mahogany. >>>READ MORE

aaron rodgers

NFC North

Deep division will come down to the old standbys, Green Bay and Chicago

The Green Bay Packers have won 26 games in two years, but have unceremoniously bowed out in the playoffs with embarrassing losses to the New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers. While people are lost in their swollen legacy—as bloated as their fans after a meal of venison, cheese curds, and shitty beer—this team, since the 2010 Super Bowl run, has been more disappointing than my adulthood. >>>READ MORE

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