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Cleveland Browns Greg Little recieved large allowance per month at University of North Carolina

College athletes are not paid.

Say it again with me now.

College athletes are not paid.

Does that make it any more believable? Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

No matter if you agree with it or not, college athletes, especially athletes who are heavily courted often find themselves getting paid under the table. That’s not to suggest everybody does it. There are plenty of athletes who don’t break the rules, but to pretend as if it isn’t prevalent would just be sweeping it under the rug.

Whether or not they should get paid – that’s a whole different argument all together, but players that have had a few extra dollars put in their pocket are costing their schools, like the University of North Carolina.

UNC has already felt the brunt of the punishment stemming from their scandal which took place a few years back, but more details are emerging from the situation thanks to a recently released warrant.

According to the document, former UNC wide receiver and current Cleveland Brown Greg Little received around $2,200 dollars a month during his tenure at UNC which was paid out via an agent, to a tutor, who got Little the money:

According to a search warrant unsealed and obtained by the Associated Press, former North Carolina wide receiver Greg Little told investigators that Terry Watson of Watson Sports Agency provided him with a monthly allowance of $2,200, in addition to expenses and other payments, in 2010.

Little said that former tutor Jennifer Wiley paid expenses on behalf of the current Cleveland Browns wide receiver with money received from Watson. Wiley was a key figure in the academic portion of North Carolina’s two-year football scandal.

UNC was placed on a one year postseason ban, lost fifteen scholarships and is currently on probation for their role.

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