NBA Live 14 producer Sean O'Brien talks expectations, competition with 2K


In an exclusive interview over at Review Fix, Sean O’Brien sat down to discuss NBA Live 14, the expectations surrounding the product, and competition with 2K.

“Do you have a really tall ladder?” O’Brien said in response to a question about the expectations surrounding the product, “We place high expectations on ourselves and hold each other accountable to create a game that aligns with our vision for the franchise.

“Our focus right now is to make a great basketball video game. We aren’t going to sacrifice our vision just to check feature boxes on the back of a package.

O’Brien went on to say that he wants Live 14 to be remembered as a great basketball video game — a huge bar to raise for a series which has had trouble making it to market much less impressing fans.

EA Sports has been bashed on their NBA title in the past.  Though they have their true fans, there has got to be some sort of confusion on their next title.  From what has been seen, the images that are floating around the internet have looked remarkable, for next-gen.  I am a huge fan of basketball games and was once a die-hard NBA Live fan as well.  I for one am glad to see that 2K will have themselves some sort of competition this year.

Live 14 has a lot to make up ground.  With being away from the basketball game for years, there will surely be many people looking to grab their copy of the newest edition.

I just hope, that they work more on the gameplay rather than sprucing up their graphics, which is what EA Sports is really good at.  2K on the other hand, though their graphics are coming into play, they crush the competition, or lack there-of, with their unique gameplay.

This is going to be a battle and I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy to dive deeper into Live 14.

NBA Live 14 will be released on launch day on both next-gen consoles. That’s November 15 for PlayStation 4 users and November 22 for XBox One users.

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