Aug 29, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan looks on before a pre-season game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Metlife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

NFL betting odds 2013: Who will be the first coach fired?

Every year, it appears that a handful of NFL coaches are on the hot seat entering the regular season, so the fine folks in Las Vegas are handicapping the odds for potential coaches that could be sent packing first. As you would expect, New York Jets leading man Rex Ryan is in the worst position, while Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett continues to be considered as one of the most likely coaches to be fired.

Oakland Raiders head coach Dennis Allen and Mike Munchak of the Tennessee Titans are also among the coaches in danger, with a few more interesting candidates on the list.

Who do the Vegas odds makers feel could be the first head coach to get his walking papers this season? Here are the current betting odds, via

Rex Ryan, New York Jets — 3/2
Dennis Allen, Oakland Raiders — 3/1
Mike Munchak, Tennessee Titans — 5/1
Ron Rivera, Carolina Panthers — 11/2
Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys — 15/2
Jim Schwartz, Detroit Lions — 12/1

What coach do you think will get the ax before the end of the season? Sound off in the comments section and be sure to share your on thoughts and predictions below.

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  • Chris Schroeder

    Dennis Allan is under a 4 year contract because they are in the middle of rebuilding. Mark Davis wants to see progress and he will, Raiders were 4-12 last year, they will be 7-9 this year, and when they are the wealthiest team in the NFL next season expect them to unseat the elderly Peyton Manning as the division leader. They will have so much talent next year it will baffle the minds of the raider hating media and probably force them to consider jumping off the bay bridge after beating the broncos.

    If by some ghostly intervention disallows the raiders to reach the playoffs in year 4 of his contract then yeah… fire him, BUT FAT CHANCE of that happening.

    Allen will be fine, but adios Rex Ryan for sure.

  • Jerrome

    I love the Washington Redskins football team but am not blind to the needs of this team, I am not sure if Shanahan is the guy. But with limited talent the team did well in 2012. Now the reality is here a projected 4-12 with a great upside. Do we allow shanny another chance or just kiss and say good bye. We have 36 million to spend in 2014. Who will direct this team next year, Fletcher needs to retire its time, we need speed on defense and safety help, Our O line needs help big time, we need to gut our receiving core. Special teams is a nightmare.