Jul 30, 2013; Napa, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Matt McGloin (14) throws a pass at training camp at Napa Valley Marriott. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Report: Some in Oakland Raiders organization feel quarterback Matt McGloin gives best chance at winning

The struggles of Matt Flynn are well known and considering he’s had a difficult time winning the starting quarterback job in one of the most dreadful scenarios in the NFL, that’s saying something.

Fellow quarterback Terrelle Pryor hasn’t exactly done much with his opportunity either, though, he’s expected to draw the start over Flynn when the Raiders open the season against the Indianapolis Colts in Week 1.

However, if some in the Raiders organization get their way, it might be Matt McGloin under center in the near future as NFL.com’s Michael Silver is reporting that there are people in the Raiders organization that feel McGloin gives the Raiders a better chance at winning over both Flynn and Pryor.

Per NFL.com:

During a Wednesday appearance on NFL Network’s “NFL Total Access,” NFL.com’s Michael Silver said there’s “a lot of skepticism” about Pryor being the starting quarterback in Oakland. According to Silver, Pryor has an ally in Raiders owner Mark Davis, who would like to see what the third-year pro can do.

Or is he? According to Silver, there are voices in the organization who believe McGloin gives the Raiders the best chance to win.

Considering McGloin is an undrafted rookie, the praise might be more of a lack of trust in Flynn or Prior rather than exuberance to start McGloin.

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  • Big E

    i like Mcgloin for the future. i think Pryor and Flynn or not in the raiders future.i was thinking they should have cut Flynn keep Pryor and the 2 rookies and still drat a QB next year.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.schroeder.161 Chris Schroeder

    Another BS rumor started by a craphead analyst. Look, how can you say Pryor “Hasn’t done much with his opportunity either”? Have you even been watching the preseason? Pryor is responsible for comebacks against the Bears and the saints who both have hard defenses. McGloin only did well against third string defenses. “Seriously!”

    And if you paid attention against the Seattle Seahawks who have the number one defense in all of the NFL Pryor was able to drive the ball down the field on them a couple times in only one half of football again their first team defense. If Denarious moore didn’t drop two passes they would have had a touchdown I’m certain of it.

    No discredit to McGloin, I really thought he played exceptional against third stringers but let’s be real. Terrel Pryor has just as much athleticism and ability as the top named quarterbacks in today’s NFL and with a little bit of experience and dedication towards this guy he could be the one to lead us back to our glory days.

    It’s really starting to piss me off how the media is so negative towards the Raiders and Terrel Pryor that they try to ruin his confidence by releasing these type of rumors, Is it that they have betting odds in their favor for that they just simply hate the Raiders? Because most of the articles I’ve been reading lately about them or just simply put “a crock of shit” the Raiders have an extremely talented team and are far from the worst talented team in the NFL

  • Silvia Arredondo

    McGloin has a strong arm but he is a rookie that can probably be a good quarterback but he needs some time to develop.

  • Angel

    Pryor was great in pre-season. Yes.

    McGloin has a freakin arm. When he made a sic completion to Butler for a TD. It was a 20 yrd or somethin laser throw. A flash of Aaron Rodgers arm. McGloin is good. He has a freakin arm.