Aug 24, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) throws prior to the game against the Cincinnati Bengals at AT

Dallas Cowboys must ease burden on Tony Romo

Quarterback Tony Romo is the scapegoat when the Dallas Cowboys’ offense underperforms. His apologists have always said that Romo is expected to do too much and he has too much of the offense on his shoulders to perform to the best of his abilities. This forces him to take chances and make mistakes.

Head coach Jason Garrett understands the burden of playing quarterback in the NFL.

“Like every quarterback who ever played when the burden was too big on them, sometimes you try to do too much and you’re not able to take care of the ball the way you need to,” Garrett said, via ESPN Dallas. “It’s a key piece of winning. It’s part of the recipe for winning, so he knows that. Our whole team knows that.”

Owner and general manager Jerry Jones has done his part to ease that burden. He signed guard Brian Waters and drafted center Travis Frederick in the first round.

“We’ve given ourselves a real chance to maximize what Romo brings to the table, to maximize our talent,” Jones said.

“It’s really just about team,” Garrett said. “You don’t want any part of your team to have too much of a burden, so you want to play good defense, you want to have balance on offense, you want to be good in the kicking game. If any one phase of your team feels like they have to do it all, that’s not a good thing. Teams win in this league.”

Wide receiver Dez Bryant thinks Tony Romo could win the MVP if the team does their job.

“Hopefully this year, I believe Tony’s got a good shot at being MVP,” Bryant said.

“I honestly feel like if we everything we’re supposed to do, he’ll get it. Without a doubt,” Bryant said. “He’ll get it. If he gets it, I already know, hey, I was part of it. And that’s just as good to me.”

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