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Texas A&M President throws up Johnny Manziel's "show me the money" sign (Photos)

Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel made waves with his behavior in their win over Rice this past weekend. Amongst the trash talking and the air autographs was this “show me the money” gesture (above) that is taking the internet by storm. It was initially thought to be a shot at the NFL after his teammate did it celebrating a touchdown in the first half.

Guess it’s fitting that their abbreviated name is aTm.

The Aggies have in fact been doing this going back to at least the Cotton Bowl of last year. The craze is picking up now and even Texas A&M’s president, Dr. R. Bowen Loftin, is getting in on the action showing the sign with A&M students.

The A&M fans are even embracing Manziel’s love of OVO, or “October’s Very Own.” A clothing line and record label created by YMCMB rapper Drake. Manziel even has OVO tattooed on his wrist. The kid on the left throwing up the ovarion looking hand gesture is actually throwing up a OVO hand gesture.

[h/t] to Ty Duffy of The Big Lead for spotting the image from Twitter user @dougigem

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  • Rev_Aggie_98
    • Shawn S. Lealos

      There is a 2 hour difference in those two stories. Give me a break…

  • jamessavik

    I think I’m going to throw up if I hear more Manziel bashing by turkeys that only wish they had him.

    • Isabel Benitez

      wait, you expect people not to attack the person that won the Heisman last year? Right, like that has ever happened.

      • jamessavik

        True but I’ll be honest: I wouldn’t care if he had horns & a forked tail if we had him.

  • Mary Waltman

    He is as much a jerk as is Manziel..Disgraceful….