Aug 19, 2013; Landover, MD, USA; Washington Redskins cornerback E.J. Biggers (30) is shown with the NFL heads up logo on his helmet before the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at FedEX Field. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Simmons is no longer using Washington Redskins nickname on Grantland

It seems as if boycotting the Washington Redskins nickname is gaining more steam, this time with Grantland’s Bill Simmons.

In his most recent power rankings, Simmons listed the Redskins as the ‘Washington D.C.’s’, following in the footsteps of others like SI’s Peter King, who is no longer using the moniker.

Per Grantland:

17. The Washington D.C.’s
Just a gut feeling: You had the controversy over Robert Griffin’s knee injury in January, then the controversy over their name (and that’s just going to get worse, especially when Dan Snyder says something dumb publicly — and you know he will), then the whole “every time Griffin scrambles, D.C. fans will be holding their breath” thing … just feels like one of those seasons when they keep landing in PTI‘s A-block for all the wrong reasons. By the way, gamblers had no idea what to make of the NFC East this season — none of the four teams had an over/under higher than 8.5 wins.

Teams like the Cleveland Indians, San Diego State Aztecs, Atlanta Braves and Washington Redskins have all faced scrutiny in regards to their nicknames and/or mascot, though none more than the Redskins given the nature of the name.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Jimmy Baker

    All the name changers can stick it

  • Jimmy Baker

    Redskins fans to start bandwagon to not use SI anymore.. King and others can continue to not use women for the swimsuit issue either…just kiss my bumper.. HTTR!! Go Washington Redskins

  • Jimmy Baker

    Pirates, buccaneers etc are known for raping stealing and pillaging…where Simmons n king on that one..or how bout Yankees.. Geez! that’s not cool either

  • WOW

    Most of the players are black. Not one is red. Why not call them the WASHINGTON BLACKSKINS and see if anyone objects?