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Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers fight after late hit from Clay Matthews on Kaepernick

There is one way to get a fight going on the playing field and that is by delivering a cheap shot to the opponents starting quarterback. The Green Bay Packers did just that on Sunday afternoon when Clay Matthews Jr. delivered a blatant cheap shot to 49ers star Colin Kaepernick.

Matthews nailed Kaepernick after he was clearly out bounds and he made no intention that he wanted to lay a huge hit. Kaepernick was already out of bounds whenever Matthews launched himself at the 49ers signal-caller. He can expect a nice fine in the mail next week.

Quite frankly, an ejection would have been acceptable after that level of a cheap shot.

Just how far out of bounds was Kaepernick when Matthews delivered the shot? Here is a photo, via Twitter (@WorldofIsaac):

As you would expect, Kaepernick’s teammates were quick to defend him and the brawl ensued. Luckily there were no ejections for either side so the game was not affected in a negative way, but most importantly Kaepernick was able to avoid an injury.

It’s unfortunate to see the players delivering these kinds of hits, especially after Matthews’ comments earlier in the week, but now Kaepernick will learn to be more careful when he is running towards the sideline.

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