Sep 7, 2013; Athens, GA, USA; South Carolina Gamecocks defensive end Jadeveon Clowney (7) wipes his eyes on the sideline in the first half against the Georgia Bulldogs at Sanford Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Jadeveon Clowney frustrated with South Carolina coaching staff

Throughout the first two games of the college football season, South Carolina Gamecocks star defensive end Jadeveon Clowney has recorded just six tackles and a sack. With all of the hype surrounding Clowney coming in to the season, that has viewers people overly critical and disappointed with how he has performed to start the year.

Not only are those watching the games frustrated with Clowney, but the man dubbed as the best defensive prospect in the past decade is also disappointed. However, his frustration appears to be with the coaching staff.

Following the team’s loss to the Georgia Bulldogs on Saturday, Clowney expressed some unhappiness with how he is being used in the team’s system.

“I told the coaches you got to put me somewhere else,” Clowney said.

Let’s hope that this doesn’t cause a rift between Clowney and the Gamecocks. He is too good of a player to cause drama off the field that would overshadow what he is doing on it.

The real concern for Clowney comes with his foot injury and conditioning — not how he is being used.

In Week One, Clowney appeared gassed early and often. He blamed the foot injury that stopped him from practicing for a portion of the South Carolina camp and a sickness for his lack of conditioning and in Week 2 he was once again hobbled with the foot injury.

It may not be how Clowney wanted to start the season, but there are still plenty of games left to play.

All it will take is a few big plays for everyone to forget about the slow start and for Clowney to once again be happy with how he is being used.

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  • nitsuj1028

    Sorry SC Gamecock fans, but I have news for you. Even in college football, the players listen to the coaches. The coaches know what position you play and they teach you to play it better. As a player you don’t decide what position you think you would play better (ask Tebow) you play where the coaches tell you. Sounding like the coaches son on a little league baseball team wanting to be the pitcher instead of the center fielder is not going to go over well with NFL scouts either.

  • David Michael Brown

    Wow way to misquote what he actually said. Nice reporting idiot.

    • Gamecock Fan

      And provided no context at all. Clowney was actually directly responding to being asked (for the second time in the post game interview) about how frustrating it has been that UNC and UGA have effectively schemed him out of the game.

  • PenneyL

    I have been a nurse for 18 years.I watched that entire game. Something else is going on. Jadeveon was really out of breath early in the game, had a stressed look on his face that cld have been pain but I dont think so. He was in & out of that game too early for his age and skill level. I have a bad feeling we will soon find out the real reason has nothing to do with these excuses. Do you really believe the coaching staff doesn’t want him to do well and win games, championships and make money for them? They swapped places for him and he still came back out of the game.

  • War Damn Eagle

    YEA!!! That’s it it’s the coaches!!! YEA RIGHT!!! Clowney you are just not in shape. YOU are just LAZY and we know it. You’re just full of excuses. Come on man get yourself into shape before you blow millions before you get to the NFL. Right now I would not want you on my team. Heck you can’t even play 1/2 the time then 1/4 the time you don’t go full speed or just walk around. the other 1/4 is you limping around. LOL 6 tackles is all you have!!! THAT IS NOT A FIRST ROUND PLAYER.

  • scouch

    Wait ‘he’ told the coaches. I thought is it was suppose to be the other way around. At that point I would have him sitting on the bench next to the water bottles and see how he likes that position.

  • raze

    He is such a good player that every 2 plays he has to sit on the bench sucking oxygen. The out of shape bum ought to be booted. Or is it his scout is telling him he got the money just don’t get hurt. either way boot him to water boy.

  • Gamecock Fan

    Way to misrepresent his intent by only posting a part of his quote with no context. First, he was responding directly to a question about how frustrating it is that UNC and UGA have effectively schemed away from him and how he can get more involved in the defense. The full quote is, “I told the coaches you’ve got to put me somewhere else…you know…in the middle if you want to…I don’t know…somewhere I can make some plays, help my team…put us in position to win games. But really they just ran the ball away from me, took me out of the game tonight.” Of course, that quote shows he’s willing to do anything his coaches ask him to do to help the team win and wants to be a bigger impact than he’s been so far this year, not that he’s a ‘I’m better than anyone’ style diva, but that doesn’t set up a fictional rift between Clowney and the coaches, so let’s leave that out. Irresponsible reporting.