Lavonte David’s dumb penalty sets up Jets winning field goal (GIF)

Aug 8, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers outside linebacker Lavonte David (54) is congratulated by middle linebacker Mason Foster (59) after he made a sack against the Baltimore Ravens during the first quarter at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets were outplayed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their sloppy Week One match up to kick off the new season, but that didn’t stop them from earning the win thanks to a dumb penalty from young linebacker Lavonte David.

The Buccaneers linebacker was chasing down Jets rookie quarterback Geno Smith in the final seconds of the game when he delivered a blatant late hit out of bounds that set the Jets up in field goal range with a chance to take the lead as time expired.

New York successfully converted the attempt and the Jets went on to win, 18-17.

It is a shame to see the game end in such a manner, especially when it is a player like David who is making the mistake.

David is one of the leaders of the Buccaneers defense and he is a hell of a talent, but his temporary lapse in judgement cost his team in Week One.

Here is a GIF of David’s mistake that the team won’t be forgetting anytime soon, via Deadspin:

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  • Brian Longenecker

    Bad Article, period. There should’ve been No penalty. LOOK AT IT AGAIN. He was in bounds when he first touched Smith.

  • matr dontelli iii

    the bucs outplayed the jets? really? the jets had more rushing yards, more passing yards, more yards by penalties, more sacks, higher time of possession, more first downs by pass, rush and penalty, better third down efficiency, higher qb rating, fewer bonehead plays, like two delay of game penalties out of a timeout. they held your wonderboy running back to 65 yards and a 2.7 yard average. and the bucs outplayed the jets? somehow i missed the espn logo on this site. i mean it must be espn to say something like that. the bucs were lucky to have the lead for 32 seconds late in the fourth quarter. why don’t you idiots at fansided keep this trash off the jets fan site. we go to the jet press because we want to read decent writing not nonsense like this and the rubbish that idiot veronica writes. i understand you don’t have enough readership. look at what you write and you’ll see why. if you keep throwing this junk on the fan sites you’re gonna lose the readers you do have. if i wanted to read dick cimini and steve serby and manish mehta trash the jets i would go to their sites. first you eliminated the jet press app and made us use the fansided app if we choose to use an app. now you plaster this drivel all over the jet press website. i’m trying to find fair unbiased coverage of the jets. if i can’t find it here i’ll move along. i don’t come here looking to insult writers, however when you insult me with nonsensical anti-jet writing on a jet fansite i get annoyed. and while you’re at it you can pass this along to that other moron, the one who blames his idiocy on his third nipple, who also said the jets were lucky to win.

  • SJK69

    I was going to comment, but Matr said it all.