Sep 8, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets wide receiver Jeremy Kerley (11) can

Tampa Bay Bucs’ Dashon Goldson destroys New York Jets’ Jeff Cumberland (video)

The San Francisco 49ers weren’t overly thrilled letting go of safety Dashon Goldson, but their loss is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ gain.

I’m guessing New York Jets wide receiver Jeff Cumberland is wishing Goldson had stayed with San Francisco because Goldson’s hard hitting ways are already paying dividends.

As Cumberland was coming across the middle, the hard hitting (understatement?!?) Goldson zeroed in on Cumberland then just absolutely leveled him. I mean, a straight up assault.

You can watch the hit here:

The hit was of the helmet to helmet variety, though, was more of the crown to the mask rather than crown to crown. Not that really matters though as Goldson will undoubtedly be hearing from the league in regards to the hit – not exactly something new for the powerful Goldson.

Thankfully, nobody was any worse after the hit, despite Cumberland taking a few moments to gather his marbles.

Just an absolute murking. Shame it wasn’t completely clean as that would have only made it that much better, but, still a destructive hit.

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  • Andrew Beisel

    The NFL has too many paddy cake rules. It should be the offense responsible for their receivers. Defensive plays like this make football enjoyable to watch. It’s a shame that the only way to avoid the NFL’s stringent rules will be to have 5 safeties and middle linebackers on your teem so you can dodge suspension periods.

  • James Crawford

    Bullcrap Cumberland never returned and he did even worse on Kerley that luckily did return. Two personal fouls and your ejected from some sports. This guys should be fined and possibly suspended. Same this for Clay Mathews hit out of bounds on Kapernik, uncalled for violence. Play to win, not to injure.

    • Jrock

      He led into cumberland with his shoulder. Cumberland’s head snapped forward from the impact, you can’t hit anyone more cleanly than this. Cumberland wasn’t going out of bounds, he was catching a ball across the middle of the field.

      It’s called football, it’s a contact sport.

  • Jeremy

    Goldson and Barron are doing exactly what big hitting safety’s are supposed to do. Putting the fear of god in the hearts of all receivers. If you can’t handle the hit then you chose the wrong profession.

    • Michael Chan

      Exactly. The NFL hates Goldson’s style of play, but if anyone has watched Goldson over the years, they would know he NEVER has malicious intent behind any hit. He plays full speed and TRUCKS people, but I’m so sick of HARD, Clean hits constantly getting called as helmet-to-helmet when most of the time, the offensive player is equally at fault for lowering HIS crown into Goldson as well.

      • Luxferro

        The guys a head hunter. I hope someone stomps his head :)


    Thanks for celebrating injuries. Bush league.

    • NewSC

      Scum league. I wish concussions on every pos that gets off on dirty hits.