Aug 9, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper (14) along the sidelines during the third quarter against the New England Patriots at Lincoln Financial Field. The Patriots defeated the Eagles 31-22. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

When Will Wide Receiver Riley Cooper Be Able To Defend Himself On The Field?



Wide receiver Riley Cooper has had a very long off season and of course everyone knows what happen at a door entrance of a concert where he was denied entry, and fired off a racist remark at an African American bouncer.

Just when this story had calmed down, Riley got into a fight in practice on Tuesday. Looking at the tape, it appeared that this was a football related fight in practice.

But it is really hard not to add a little speculation as to the violent nature of this fight and I am sure a lot of folks will think that this was racially motivated. But that is not the question here, the question is, how does Riley Cooper defend himself when he is faced with a challenge from now on? In a sport that will always bring out the competitive juice in all athletes.

Watching the tape I noticed that during the fight Riley Cooper drops his hands as if to say “I do not want to fight” in the heart of battle with fellow teammate Cary Williams, who declined to talk about the incident. Which opens up for more speculation as to why he did not want to clear the air of any animosity against Cooper for his resist remark.

The season is just getting started and Cooper will have a target on his back throughout the year, and many will amplify any altercation he is involved in.

But when does Riley Cooper get to defend himself against any African American he gets involved in a football related confrontation.

It is a tough situation For Cooper to be able to defend himself should another player taunt him into a fight, or someone may cheap shot him on the way back to the huddle. Maybe if there is a pile up and he finds himself at the bottom of it, he would come up with a few extra bruises, I’m sure.

When does one take enough punishment for his words and be able to defend himself from getting hurt on the field? It is a fine line for Cooper to walk.

Cooper will have to really be self controlled at all times just to make it off the field without incident, or without escalating the happenings of his off season. I know this much, no man should have to take abuse without being able to defend himself, regardless of what took place in the past.

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