November 10, 2012; Tuscaloosa, AL, USA; Texas A

‘Johnny Cam’ to follow Manziel during Texas A&M vs Alabama game

Johnny Manziel mania is going to reach another level on Saturday whenever CBS breaks out their “Johnny Cam” that will follow the reigning Heisman Trophy winner every second of the team’s highly anticipated rematch against the two-time defending national champion Alabama Crimson Tide.

We all remember whenever Manziel marched in to Tuscaloosa a year ago to shock Alabama, but now the rolls will be reversed and Alabama will look to spoil the party in College Station.

With Manziel seemingly always doing something to garner attention, CBS thought it would be a good idea to dedicate one of the cameras to following the A&M star, so the “Johnny Cam” was born.

No matter where he is and no matter what part of the game it is, we will have a shot of it. If he is anywhere in sight of that camera, we will catch it,” Craig Silver, coordinating producer of college football for CBS Sports, per Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated.

The good  news is that they will still show some actual football.

By the time we get to kickoff, this thing will have been talked about ad nauseam throughout the sports world. We are not judge and jury. It is not our place, especially within the body of the broadcast, to state whether he should or should not be playing, should have been suspended or should not have been suspended. The way I approach it is how has all this stuff affected him as a football player and affected his team.

During the team’s season-opener against Rice, Manziel went ahead and signed the air after being suspended for the first-half of the game because of his autograph scandal that dominated the offseason headlines and CBS will make sure they don’t miss any of the wild moments that you can almost guarantee Manziel will be a part of.

It’s game week and the Texas A&M – Alabama match up will be the marquee game this weekend, so buckle up and get ready for the wild ride.

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  • Christian Falcon

    is that really necessary, the kid has enough ego and arrogance already, why feed it?

    • PenneyL


  • Chip

    With Stewie G’s ego this can only add to his destractions before the game… not a bad thing… Of course if you really can’t get enough of him on game days, you can always catch him on Family Guy just about any time of the day on some channel……

  • brandy

    So stupid!!

  • PenneyL

    WTH Really? I’m all Alabama, but come on! I have no problem what so ever admitting that the bad behaving, Johnny Manziel is a great college football player. His own personal camera though so we can be sure to catch every foolish move he makes, for our entertainment? The honest, grownup thing to do here, would be to put limits on him when he misbehaves, punish him like every other football player, ignore his antics and give him no more “showtime” to ruin his career than he already has. It’s the best thing for him. No one seems to be looking at what is best for this young, immature kid and trying to pump his brakes for him, since he obviously cant do it for himself! I’ll be honest, I’m very worried about Alabama winning this game come Saturday but Texas A&M has a lot more to worry about than a game. They are encouraging all the trouble they will soon deserve. Is anyone going to put their foot down before this kid crashes and burns?

  • Voodoofoxx

    Alfred E Newman getting more ego stroking? Nice! Now not only do we have to put up with the Vern and Gary morons, we have this too? Maybe I’ll go for the Eli Gould radio version of the game.

  • Sherri Silas

    I hope it is ready to watch him pick himself up over and over!!!! He is so arrogant