Sep 7, 2013; Richmond, VA, USA; The NASCAR Chase for the Sprint Cup field poses for a photo with the trophy after the Federated Auto Parts 400 at Richmond International Raceway. Mandatory Credit: Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

NASCAR drops hammer on Michael Waltrip Racing



There’s a huge controversy surrounding NASCAR with the Chase for the Sprint Cup on everyone’s mind. Ryan Newman believes Michael Waltrip Racing orchestrated a controversial sequence of events that led to his ouster from NASCAR’s Chase for the Sprint Cup.

Newman was well on his way to making the 10-race playoff with a victory Saturday night at Richmond International Raceway.

That is, until Clint Bowyer spun out by himself with seven laps left.

Newman initially declined to comment on the possible funny business, but after getting more information said he believed MWR directly manipulated the outcome.

“It’s pretty obvious to me the decisions that were made and the communication led up to that,” he said. “What happened to me on Saturday night is the toughest thing I’ve ever gone through in any kind of racing in my 30 years of driving because of the way everything went down. In hindsight, it hurt that much more.”

In response to this, NASCAR has issued penalties to Michael Waltrip Racing following the sanctioning body’s review of Saturday’s race at Richmond International Raceway:

MWR was found to have violated Section 12-4 (Actions detrimental to stock car racing). As a result, MWR’s three teams in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series (No. 15, 55, 56) have been penalized with the loss of 50 championship driver and 50 championship owner points, respectively.

NASCAR has also fined the MWR organization $300,000 and indefinitely suspended Ty Norris, MWR Executive Vice President/General Manager and spotter for the No. 55 car, for violating Section 12-4. The three crew chiefs – Brian Pattie (No. 15), Scott Miller (No. 55) and Chad Johnston (No. 56) – have all been placed on NASCAR probation until Dec. 31.

It comes as no surprise this isn’t the first time Michael Waltrip has been involved in a cheating scandal. In 2007, NASCAR inspectors found evidence in the engine manifold that Waltrip’s team had used an illegal fuel additive.


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  • John Doe’s Father

    Why did nothing happen to Mikey personally ? He should have been suspended for creating a culture of corruption in the organization. Also as a second blatant cheater he should have been punished severely, maybe a million bucks would have gotten his attention, How about a 5 race suspension starting with Daytona next year ? I’m a bit prejudice because I don’t like the guy anyway and haven’t for quite a while, but I think with this being the second offense he got off too easy. The drivers did what they were told to by their boss, except for the spin out. If the spin out was intentional Boyer should be out for the balance of the year.

    • Jan

      I have never liked the egotistical drat either. I have never liked Clint Boyer either. I think both Clint Boyer and MWR should have been suspended from the chase for the championship. What a black eye on Nascar. What a slap in the face to all of us loyal longtime fans. The race should have ended with the lineup at the time of the cheating infraction. Jeff would have been in the chase and Boyer should have been out. Nascar dropped the ball. They have rewarded both Boyer and MWR for their bad behavior. Fans are fed up to begin with. The stands at most of the races this year have been very empty. Time for a shakeup. Time for Boyer and MWR to be out. Can’t stand either one of them.
      Everyone always says how funny Boyer is. He’s funny alright. He has made a huge joke out of Nascar racing and we’re being compared to the WWE. Ha Ha Ha Ha Boyer. You jerk.

      • John Doe’s Father

        Well said Jan.