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Sep 8, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett watches the game action from the sidelines during the game against the New York Giants at AT

Jason Garrett wants more offensive balance for Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys managed to get into a shoot out with the New York Giants despite getting 6 turn overs in the game. They failed to capitalize on some of those turnovers. Tony Romo attempted 49 passes for a total of 263 yards. The Dallas Cowboys ground game, relying heavily on DeMarco Murray managed to get 87 yards. All but one of those yards was Murray’s.

Head coach Jason Garrett wants the Cowboys offense to be more balanced.

From ESPN Dallas:

“We’d like to be more balanced,” Garrett said Monday. “I thought Bill did a really good job in the ballgame calling plays and giving us a chance to move the football, but we would like to be a more balanced football team.

“At the end of the day it’s not about, ‘OK we get a stat sheet and you want it to be 30 runs, 30 passes.’ That’s not how we look at it. We want to be able to run the ball more and more effectively, particularly at the end of the game when we’re up a couple scores. We need to be able to hand the ball to DeMarco Murray and run the game out. We didn’t do that as well as we need to and we’ll continue to work on being better at that.”

The numbers don’t suggest that the offense was incredibly unbalanced in terms of production. There were roughly 51 pass plays called to 23 carries, and that shows a distinct imbalance.

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