WWE Superstar Antonio Cesaro uses 30+ second 'Giant Swing' on Santino Marella



Professional wrestling has almost every maneuver you could think of. From single leg Boston crabs, to fireman’s carries, suplex’s, drop kicks, body slams, back body slams, hip tosses, arm bars and so on and so on.

Every professional wrestler has a move set that is unique to them.

Most guys in the WWE have been using the same moves for as long as they’ve been wrestling. Some get handed down to them by higher ups, some issued from trainers or the creative team, most of them are original.

Claudio Castagnoli aka Antonio Cesaro of the WWE, uses a maneuver called the ‘Giant Swing’ which is almost similar to the Airplane Spin. Cesaro has used this move ever since his Independent Wrestling days.

If you are unfamiliar with the move it’s where you grab an opponents legs while they are on their back and spin in a circle eventually bringing them completely off of the mat and swinging them around until they are let go.

It’s not really a finishing move, but it really gets the crowd into the match whenever it’s used. Now during last night’s episode of WWE Monday Night RAW, Antonio Cesaro was matched up against the returning Santino Marella.

At some point in the match, Cesaro took Marella for a 30+ spin using the move the ‘Giant Swing’, but in the end Santino was able to pull off the victory.

Cesaro has even used this move on a couple opponents but instead of doing inside the squared circle, he would swing them up against the barricade at ringside. Seems pretty painful, especially coming from a powerful guy like Cesaro who happens to be one of the most overlooked guys on the roster. The man could be WWE or World Heavyweight Champion one day.

Now I missed most of RAW last night so I was unable to see the match. But I got on Twitter and Facebook and noticed that the move was getting a bunch of buzz.

After watching the video, I now understand why.

[H/T: Deadspin]

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