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Todd Haley autographs napkin; writes 'Chiefs suck'

Deadspin received some info from a man named Joe and it involved current Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley. The man was at a wedding reception and wanted to brush up with the NFL assistant, so he approached him and some greatness followed.

Apparently the man went to Haley to ask for an autograph. Haley agreed to do so, but left the message, “Go Steelers! Chiefs suck!”

This is the result:

Ah, well done.

Here is more of the story, as the wedding goer told Deadspin:

Once there we headed for the bar and ordered some drinks. After a few minutes my friends and I noticed a man standing in the corner wearing a white hat and black long sleeve shirt. After a few seconds we realized that without a doubt it was Steelers Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley. Immediately hysteria ensued between all of us drunken sports fans. After a few minutes of scrambling around to find something for him to autograph I found a white bar napkin and headed towards him.

I approached him giving him some story of how my fiancee’s dad has been a huge fan since he was Head Coach of his favorite football team, the Kansas City Chiefs. He said thanks, and then proceeded to sign the napkin with his name and the phrase; “Go Steelers!” “Chiefs Suck!” I thanked him numerous times and then asked if I could buy him a drink (he had a Bud Light in front of him). He said no thanks, but the woman he was with told me that I could buy her one.

The man went on to taunt Haley and the two had a little back and forth. There are more details on Deadspin, and it is certainly worth the read.

However, the moral of the story is this: If you are jabbing at a former head coach claiming to know someone who is a fan of the team they bombed with, expect him to be an ass in return.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Travis Forsyth

    f**** you haley!! you were the worst offensive play caller I’ve ever see!!! and now your bringing the steelers down to hell with your shit plays!!! chiefs suck? yeah, when YOU were the coach!!! Just watch, KC is going to be great, while haley’s terrible play calling get’s Tomlin fired for having a 5-11 season….

  • Kisersosay

    Not the same handwriting….

  • Danny W

    Neat. Todd Haley will be remembered only as one of the weirdest head coaches to ever be in the bigs. Not just in KC but the entire realm of football.