Fans of Seattle Seahawks send '12th man' flag into space (Video)

Few teams in the NFL (if any) are known more for their unwavering fan support than that of the Seattle Seahawks.

The Seahawks embrace their fans and the fans embrace the franchise back, so much so that they wanted to make sure there were Seahawk fans out of this world – literally.

According to Geek Wire, Chris Peterson, Brent Savell and Ryan Schutt (all Seahawks fans, of course) decided they’d strap up a GoPro camera to a ’12th man’ flag and send it into space and as can be seen in the video, it worked out pretty damn well.

Per Geek Wire:

Then, they hooked up a GoPro camera and the 12th Man flag to a styrofoam cooler in case the whole thing landed in the water. Finally, they strapped on a Pocketfinder GPS locator so they could track the flag and find it when it came back to earth.

After everything was put together, they let go as the flag quickly flew up into the stratosphere. Eventually it reached 90,000 feet before the balloon popped. Peterson told that it took four hours to drive from the launch location to where it finally landed.

The guys captured the whole process on video, which you can see above.

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