Aug 18, 2013; Greensboro, NC, USA; Jordan Spieth tees off on hole 16 during the final round of the Wyndham Championship at Sedgefield Country Club. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

2013 FedEx Cup: Is Jordan Spieth The New Face of the PGA Tour?

After watching Jordan Spieth’s press conference on Wednesday at the BMW Championship, I came away with the feeling we may be watching the new face of the PGA Tour. Let’s face it Tiger Woods fans, although Tiger has carried this sport in the United States, and throughout the world for the past 15 years, his days are numbered. Father time catches up with all of us, and he has Tiger squarely in his sights. Jordan Spieth is knocking on the door and could he be the recipient of the torch that Tiger will someday soon have pass? I think the youngster from Dallas may be the one.

This morning I read an article on, and was glad that Bill Fields may have the same perception of the 20 year-old who has taken the PGA by storm this year. [ref: Jordan Spieth's meteoric rise might be just the beginning  ]. I’ve not seen a youngster who is so grounded in the present, and has realistic goals that seem to have minor changes at the right time, in quite some time.

I was hooked when he showed up at the Byron Nelson in 2010 with a note from his teacher that said he was excused from school to play golf in a PGA Tour event. He not only made the cut, but was T 7 after the third round. He finished T 16 only to return in 2011 to make another cut, and finish 32nd.

At first, I was disappointed that Spieth did not complete his collegiate career at the University of Texas, but after watching him roll the dice on his PGA Tour career, I realized he must have been like an eighth grader who is gifted, and needs to be in the 10th grade, bored with the whole thing. He knew he was ready to move on, and had the conviction, and confidence to do so. The rest is history.

We have all seen what can happen when too many people get into your head. Tiger Woods is struggling at times because he has abandoned what got him to the top. Jordan appears to be comfortable in his own skin, and with his golf swing. He’s not letting anyone get into his head at this point and upsetting the apple cart. The old saying “dance with the one you came with” is probably the most important piece of advice one can get, especially on the PGA Tour.

I don’t think Jordan Spieth has the experience to win the FedEx Cup this year, but the tour needs to watch out in 2014. This kid is primed with some early success, and if he doesn’t have a sophomore slump, will be on a bunch of leaderboards. Tiger Woods put an early end to a lot of fledgling careers in the early part of his rule, the new generation needs to keep their eyes on Jordan Spieth.

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