Sep 15, 2013; Lake Forest, IL, USA; Jeff Soukup clears water off the fairway of the 1st hole during the fourth round of the BMW Championship at Conway Farms Golf Club. Mandatory Credit: Reid Compton-USA TODAY Sports

BMW Championship postponed by rain

Sing it with me if you know the words: Rain, rain, go away. Come again some other day. Yes, the BMW championship had to call it a day with the steady flow of rain messing up the green.

The final round of the BMW Championship was suspended Sunday because of steady rain that left too much water on Conway Farms.

Man. A key participant is Jim Furyk who just tied PGA history by stroking 59 on Saturday. He didn’t even make out on the field today. Here’s what he said:

“The bad news — obviously, I’m anxious to get out there and play, as is everyone else,” Furyk said. “But the good news is no one wants to go out and play in this and slop it around in bad weather on a golf course where we’re playing the ball down and it’s probably a little too wet out there.”

He seems to be keeping his cool. But yeah, I would be feeling a little stressed myself. Having to wait like that can really mess your mind up. But, I’m sure he and the rest of the competitors will be fine. This stuff happens.

Slugger White, vice-president of rules and competition for the PGA Tour, said the forecast was for a half-inch of rain over six hours, which would not have been enough for water to accumulate. Instead, there was an inch of rain and so much water that there would have been no place to take relief from casual water. The problem holes were Nos. 3, 9, 10 and 12.

“Casual water was going to take us to where we couldn’t play,” White said.

The tour chose to play the ball down, meaning players could not lift, clean and replace their golf balls through the green. Play was stopped for 3½ hours in the late morning, and then it was called again for good after the round resumed for just under an hour.

This was an all day affair before they finally just went on home. My suggestion is for everybody involved to sing that little song we sang at the beginning of the post. Ya never know.

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