WWE Night of Champions Results: Fandango vs The Miz


So far this Pay Per View has been great. It hasn’t reached Summer Slam’s greatness but the creative team really put together a great follow up show that has had some great matches so far and we still have under two hours left!

Fandango vs The Miz

Ever since WWE Summer Slam both of these men have been going at it. Recently it appears that Fandango is picking up some praise by the WWE Universe and The Miz may be turning heel.

It’s not a surprise that this match up is on the card, but I’m not sure why the United States Championship wasn’t.

Right off the bat the crowd immediately pick sides. Fandango comes out to a mixed reaction while The Miz comes out to more boo’s than cheers.

The bell sounds and both men circle the ring looking for an opening. Fandango of course dances in the corner. Both men lock up as The Miz rushes Fandango into the corner. Of course he goes back to dancing.

This guy sorta reminds me of an athletic Ernest The Cat Miller. Fandango gets The Miz in a headlock, comes off the rope and hits him with a hard shoulder block. Miz looks like he’s going for a figure four leg lock early but his opponent shuffles to the ropes and gets the ref to break the hold.

The crowd doesn’t seem too interested in this match, not like the others on the card that came before them. Miz hits his signature clothesline in the corner while Summer Rae distracts him. Fandango takes advantage of the distraction and knocks Miz off the top ropes.

Miz takes control of the match sending Fandango out of the ring but catches a kid to the midsection as he attempts an offensive move. It sounds like the crowd started to chant “Randy Savage”.

Miz hits a series of powerful clotheslines on Fandango followed with a running big boot. He catches the boot of his challenger in the corner, throws it over the middle rope and hits a hard kick to the thigh of Fandango. Miz continues to work on the leg of his opponent hoping to soon lock in the figure four leg lock. Now the crowd begins to chant “We Want Tables”, no idea where these chants are coming from but that’s the best thing about the WWE Universe.

Fandango goes for his top rope leg drop but misses. Miz covers, picks up a two count then locks in a figure four on Fandango who taps immediately.


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