WWE Night of Champions Results: Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler


WWE Battle Ground will come to us LIVE on October 6th! John Cena was used as the voice and face of this video package that aired on the pay per view so it will be interesting to see if he’ll be involved at all considering his injury.

Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler (United States Champion)

I’m a little surprised because I thought this match was scrapped. I figured if anybody was going to get a United States Championship match it would have been Kofi. But Kofi got an Intercontinental Championship match to kick off the show.

Ziggler got this match up as a “punishment” by Triple H. Ziggler has had his run ins with Dean Ambrose and the rest of The Shield.

Ziggler and Ambrose lock up as the champion brings the challenger down to the mat with a wrist lock. Ambrose hits a hard shoulder block. Ambrose taunts Ziggler and gets caught with a standing drop kick.

To me, Ziggler should have been World Heavyweight Champion a little bit longer than they allowed him to be. He’s one of the most talented guys on the roster and isn’t that bad on the microphone either.

Ziggler hits his signature 10 elbow drops and clotheslines the champion over the top ropes. Ziggler bounces the face of Ambrose off the apron and slides him into the ring. The champion picks up momentum hitting the challenger with a series of snap jabs and chops to the chest.

The champion continues to ware his opponent down by using a series of technical holds. Ziggler finally overpowers Ambrose with a couple right hands to the midsection and both men exchange near falls.

The match continues to go the champions way until he attempts to make a move from the top rope. Ziggler pulls himself up too his feet, runs up the top turnbuckle and hits a top rope facebuster on the champion. Ambrose locks Ziggler in a full nelson which someone gets turned into a roll up pin by the challenger.

Ziggler hits a Fame-Asser on the champion but the count gets broken up due to Ambrose grabbing the bottom rope.

Ambrose avoids a splash by Ziggler, catching him off the rebound and hits Ziggler with his finisher to pick up the victory.

WINNER: Dean Ambrose

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