WWE Night of Champions Results: Kofi Kingston vs Curtis Axel


Hello everybody and welcome to FanSided’s match-by-match coverage of WWE Night of Champions! The Pay Per View comes to you LIVE from Detroit, Michigan.

The pay per view opens up with Triple H coming to the ring.

Triple H enters the rings and claims that tonight’s pay per view will become the greatest nights in WWE history. He’s hoping to show the fans and the WWE SuperStars that he’s not this evil corporate guy that everybody thinks he is. He wants best for business. He announces tonight in the WWE Championship match which we’ll see Daniel Bryan take on Randy Orton, there will be no interference from anybody.

He goes on to say no Shield or Big Show will be involved.

Paul Heyman comes out with Curtis Axel and interrupts the C.O.O. of the WWE pretty much pleading for Triple H to remove him from the match he’s scheduled for. He tells Triple H that CM Punk wants to do more than wrestle him. Which is pretty obvious considering CM Punk told the WWE Universe a couple weeks ago that he was going to break the face of Heyman.

Triple H tells Heyman that the match will remain the way it is. Axel takes the mix and asks if it’s a personal problem between Heyman and Triple H. Then goes on to say that the reason why Triple H won’t call off the match is because of Axel defeating Triple H in his debut as a Paul Heyman guy.

Triple H goes on to say that Curtis Axel will kick off the night by putting his Intercontinental Championship on the line with the first guy he comes across when he walks through the backstage area.

Kofi Kingston vs Curtis Axel (Intercontinental Championship)

This is a bit of surprise and kind of an obvious move. Both men lock up as Kingston sweeps Axel off of his feet and covers him right off the bat. Kingston gets a one count and Axel backs up into the corner trying to get himself together.

This will be Axel’s first of his second matches he’s scheduled for today. Axel rolls out of the ring to get himself together after Kofi picked up momentum, climbs in the right and takes over. He stomps Kofi into the corner and takes a couple seconds allowing Kofi to turn the tables. Kofi delivers a hard kick to Axels left leg taking him off of his feet.

Kofi lands a clean kick to Axel’s jaw and picks up a two count. This match is unexpected but so far it’s pretty entertaining. Kofi is one of these guys on the roster who hasn’t been properly used as of late, so it’s nice to see Kofi on a pay per view competing for a major title again.

Axel clotheslines Kofi over the top ropes and stalks him like a Lion would his prey. He goes to Irish Whip Kofi into the stairs but Kofi runs up the stairs onto the top rope and hits Axel with a springboard splash.

Axel catches Kofi in a ‘Tree of Woe’ in the corner and delivers a spear into Kofi’s midsection and covers him right away. Kofi throws his shoulders off the mat at two and the Champion goes back to work on the worn out Kingston.

The challenger is clearly in trouble as the champion counters almost every offensive move Kofi attempts. Kofi is trying to become a five time Intercontinental Champion. He hits some Ricky the Dragon Steamboat like chops to the chest of Axel. Falls into the corner and hits a triple jump cross body onto Axel for a two count.

Kofi looks pumped and goes for the Boom drop, connecting with authority! The crowd is definitely into this opening match up as he signals for the Trouble in Paradise. Axel climbs up too his feet and ducks the move. Axel drives Kofi into the corner and delivers multiple shoulder thrusts to the challenger.

Both of these men have been great Intercontinental Champions in their young careers. Axel holding it for the first time reminds me of his Father (Mr. Perfect Curt Hening) who was one of my favorite wrestlers growing up.

Kingston reverses a back body drop, hits one of his signature moves called the S.O.S. and Axel BARELY gets his shoulder off the mat after the two count. He nearly lost his championship. Heyman looks like he’s aged 10 years after this match up.

Axel hits his finishing move and picks up the win to retain his championship.

His night’s not over yet as he still has to team up with Paul Heyman to go up against CM Punk in a No Disqualification Handicap match.

WINNER: Curtis Axel

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