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Recreating Kobe Bryant's Aston Martin jump goes horribly wrong (Video)

Remember that clip from a few years back of Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant leaping over a Aston Martin speeding directly towards him? If not, here is a little reminder for you:

It is worth noting that this was fake, and not actually done in real life. Some people just refuse to believe that Kobe didn’t actually jump over a moving vehicle.

Yes it’s fake, as Bleacher Report breaks it down:

As a visual effects artist, I can say that this kind of thing isn’t toocomplicated. You can shoot it in multiple passes. No green screen work, no intense color correction (as long as you shoot quick so daylight doesn’t change), and you’d get realistic lighting and shadows (because both “plates” are real). The edges on Kobe look questionable when he’s up in the air and there seems to be a slight transition at the moment the car enters the frame. (A better version is at the official KB24 site)

Plus, if this really were just an amatuer video with Kobe and a couple of his buddies, the camera would have been handheld. The fact that this is filmed from a straight-on angle and the camera is locked off reaks of post-production.

Well, a fan or Vine user desperately looking for views attempted to recreate this jump. He obviously knew he wasn’t going to make it and though he’d kind of hit the car and break the windshield maybe. I don’t think he quite expected the video to turn out as horribly wrong as it did.

It ends up with him in an ambulance.

[h/t] Bleacher Report

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  • JoshFarc

    Seriously, nobody I know thought it was a real jump (like Kobe would risk it or the Lakers let him do so under contract, lmao).

    What’s with hating on laker fans for no reason now? Seriously…. You can see the subjective hate in you’re sentences.

    Only children and that 10% of freak adult fans ever thought it was real…..

    Ouch for that kid… Stupid kid… Stupid. Haha. Guys in ambulance look at him from behind like “what is wrong with this kid still recording this, he must have the IQ of a monkey”…