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Sep 8, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears cornerback Charles Tillman (33) takes the field against the Cincinnati Bengals at Soldier Field. Chicago defeats Cincinnati 24-21. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Charles Tillman fined for "Horse-collar tackle" on Greg Jennings

Is it me or has this league gotten a little “fine happy” the last couple of seasons?

Chicago Bears rookie Jon Bostic was fined in the pre-season after a hit that looked to be a clean hit on a San Diego Chargers wide receiver. I’m not sure why this league feels the need to fine players for every little thing, but it’s getting out of hand.

When Tillman tackled Jennings out of bounds, it didn’t look like his hand was inside the shoulder pads. In my opinion he had his hand NEAR the inside of the shoulder pads but didn’t place his fingers inside to help him with the tackle. On top of that, Tillman made sure Jennings landed on top of him with Jennings legs shooting straight out from underneath them.

Tillman was hit with a $15 thousand dollar fine, which is mind boggling. $15 thousand for a small tackle? I understand the danger of the horse-collar but it didn’t look like it was a horse collar tackle. Yeah it may have been close, but I don’t think it should have been called or fined.

Oh and if this were to happen to any other player in the league, I would back them up too. It’s not just because I’m a Chicago Bears fan, I’m a fan of the league and this sport before anything.

Get it together NFL, get it together.


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