Feb 22, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Southern California quarterback Matt Barkley steps onto a tv set and talks with Chirs Mortensen and Adam Schefter during the 2013 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Schefter falls catching football (GIF)

In ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown there was a moment where NFL Insider Adam Schefter tried to catch a football. Now what exactly led to this, I’m not sure. I’ll admit it, I wasn’t watching. I choose to watch English Premier League soccer and the Manchester Derby instead.

Having seen this though, it is hilarious.

Apparently this was a part of some kind of one handed catch demonstration. I’m assuming the point was to show how hard it is to catch a football thrown at a certain velocity is with one hand. I’m only saying one hand cause I keep hearing it used on social media and called a one-handed catch demonstration, but he clearly quickly brings in the other hand.

The pass knocks Schefter back and he stumbles backwards before eventually falling over.

Schefter did tweet this out though:

Apparently he is ready to catch some more passes. I’ll bet he uses two hands this time though.


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