Sep 15, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders fans Seor Raiderman, Darth Dee and Violate after the win against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Coliseum. The Oakland Raiders defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars 19-9. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland Raiders new mascot: The Raider Rusher

When your team is awful and you need a way to keep fans interested in what you are doing on the field, you can always count on a goofy mascot to lead the way. For the Oakland Raiders, it is going to be interesting to see how the fan base reacts to a new mascot that they are set to unveil.

The mascot will be named “The Raider Rusher” and there are really no words to explain it.

Think of a massive head sitting on a pair of legs and wearing a spiked helmet. That is exactly what The Raider Rusher has. The only thing that remotely resembles something you would see in the Black Hole are the spikes down the center of the mascot’s head.

Something tells me the die-hard Raiders fans won’t appreciate the new man in town.

ESPN’s Darren Rovell shared a photo of the new mascot on Sunday evening, so check it out below and have a laugh — I’m sure you will:

What do you think of the Raiders new mascot? Sound off in the comments section below.

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  • James

    Are you f#*@ing kidding me?! I am embarrassed to call myself a Raider fan. Kill it before it gets to the children!

  • King W

    Our new mascot sux

  • Guest

    it’s a character on a Nickoledeon tv show…

  • Guest

    it’s a character on a Nickoledeon TV show

    darren rovell ‏@darrenrovell2h

    The Raiders new mascot, the Raider Rusher, is a character on Nickelodeon’s NFL RUSH ZONE.

    View photo

  • Alex Mendoza

    I thought we had a mascot! Darth Raider!

  • Angel

    Al Davis wouldn’t want this…. How does this fit our Autmn wind persona

  • Angel

    And, is that Jamarcus Russell in there??

  • d-daddy

    What the HELL??

  • Mark Shafer

    F—- F—- F—-

  • Mark Shafer

    If he has one of those guns to shoot Raider tickets and gear at you he might be able to stay.

    No a cute girl works better

  • Victor

    Get rid of it now Reggie!

  • Chris Schroeder

    “When your team is awful”. Either you are mentally retarded or you haven’t been paying attention. Which is it? Because if you weren’t retarded you would realize that the Raiders could have beaten the Colts in Indianapolis 4 different times and these are the same colts that just ran all over the 49ers at candlestick Park. They also beat the Jaguars at home holding them to only 9 points. The Jaguars scored 17 points against the Seahawks defense in Seattle today. So do yourself a favor if you don’t want to look like you are mentally retarded. Dont call a team who is ranked 4th in total defense, 1st in sacks, and 1st in rushing yards “awful”. Ok!!! Unless of course you are a mental retard? Btw!!! That’s not really the mascot, that is just a gimmick. I wish you people would get your heads out of your asses

    • Raider Grant

      Chris, Thanks for being a real Raider Nation Family member & knowing what’s actually going on before making blind coments! After seeing the Colts hand it too the 49ers after the mainstream media claimed they would bounce back & spank the Colts makes me believe tomorrow night could could be the upset of the year! Long live the only nation & that’s RAIDER NATION!

  • judge37

    This is for a Nickelodeon kids show. That’s all. And the RAIDERS are not awful. Just another typical columnist who does not watch football. Its obvious the RAIDERS are headed in the right direction. Anybody who actually watches football would be able to tell you that…….

  • Richard Galvan

    We don’t need no mr. Potato looking mascot prancing around the black hole. He’s just gonna end up getting his ass snatched up…

  • John Lovett

    Brings to mind the failed SF Giants mascot from the 80s named Crazy Crab.. People loved to hate that thing!!!

    Lose this ugly piece of crap!!

  • suja

    NFL Monday Night Football: Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos, 8:25p.m. (ESPN)

  • mtnmedic

    That’s embarrassing. Somebody kill me with a wooden spoon. Please. And I’m a 49ers fan.