Jul 25, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles linebacker DeMeco Ryans arrives at training camp at the Eagles NovaCare Complex. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles linebacker DeMeco Ryans fined $21,000 for hit on Malcolm Floyd

Philadelphia Eagle linebacker DeMeco Ryans was issued a $21,000 fine on Friday for a hit he delivered to San Diego Chargers receiver Malcolm Floyd the other week. Thankfully, Floyd was able to fly home with the team and has plans to return to the field in about a month, but seeing him prone and motionless on the field before being carted off was certainly a terrifying moment of San Diego fans.

Ryans was fined because he, according to Pro Football Talk, “hit a defenseless receiver in the head and neck with his shoulder.” Some fans have argued, however, the there was no obvious malice behind Ryans’ hit, pointing out that Floyd appeared to lower his head before contact was made. (For those who want to see the play for themselves, you can check it out in GIF-form here.)

Still, regardless of what team you root for, we can hopefully all agree that it is good to hear that Floyd appears to be recovering quickly from what initially looked like a very nasty hit. Our best wishes are with Floyd as he gets himself ready to take the field again.

[Source: Pro Football Talk]

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  • Dr Muon Funk

    It wasn’t even called a penalty? Man the NFL is going to become boring to watch in the next few years. Floyd wasn’t defenseless in fact he made the catch and fumbled.

    • germanhumor

      what game did you watch? aside from the fact you were factually wrong (it was an incomplete pass, and not a fumble – thus he did not ‘catch’ the ball), he was already being tackled and driven to the ground when Ryan slammed into him. I agree with the article that it was not malicious, but it was clearly a penalty (which the NFL confirmed) and so it warranted a fine.
      If you think a safer NFL is going to be boring, then start watching Baseball.