Sep 22, 2013; Nashville, TN, USA; Tennessee Titans wide receiver Justin Hunter (15) scores the winning touchdown against San Diego Chargers cornerback Crezdon Butler (20) during the second half at LP Field. The Titans beat the Chargers 20-17. Mandatory Credit: Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Chargers at Titans final score: Titans come from behind to win 20-17

It’s been a while, but the Tennessee Titans finally beat the San Diego Chargers. Why do I say “a while” and “finally”? Well, this is the first time the Titans beat the Chargers since 1992. I was but a toddler in those days. Yes, the Titans lost nine straight to the Chargers. So, no, they didn’t meet every season. Like, in the NBA, if you’ve been losing to a team for over 20 years, you have a serious problem since you meet that team a least twice per season.

Hey, 20 years is a score. Titans’ last second score ended a score of losing. Ha! Titans got the winning touchdown with 15 seconds left. Yeah, Jake Locker passed to rookie Justin Hunter and boom goes the dynamite. Oh, I mean, touchdown. Game. Blouses. Titans. Judging by the picture up top, which is showing the winning touchdown, Hunter was barely touched.

Locker had 299 yards passing and also ran for 68 yards. Not bad, man.

For the Chargers, they were leading for most of the way despite injuries. Gotta be tough to lose like that.

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  • Corby

    Nothing new here… Phil Rivers is being a crybaby bitch again. How does 1-2 feel? New coach, same team, same results…

  • sd_woodturner

    The ghost of Marlon McCree is still around. Gilcrist’s “interception” would have put game on ice. McCree inteercepted Brady on 4th down and lost it to a fumble. Why do more of these happen to the Chargers than other teams, or is it just me. 50 years of Chargers have left me with a bewilderment.