Aug 22, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Tim Tebow (5) on the sidelines in the fourth quarter of a preseason game against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Yahoo! Sports app takes shot at Tim Tebow

Poor Tim Tebow can’t catch a break. He was reportedly offered a million dollars but turned it down to hold onto his dream of being an NFL quarterback. Unfortunately no team’s have called him and requested his services.

There was a report that a team in Russia was interested in bringing him in for two games for $1 million, something he turned down. The Jacksonville Jaguars fan base staged a rally encouraging their team to sign Tim Tebow. Only twenty people showed up, which is a disappointing and embarrassing turn out. That or that is the entire Jaguars fan base, or at least those willing to publicly admit it.

Now Yahoo! Sports is taking a shot at Tim Tebow.

If you updated your Yahoo! Sports app you might have noticed the jab at Tebow. The update information reads:

“New breaking news alerts: Push notifications about the most important stories in sports. So probably nothing about Tebow.”

Poor guy can’t catch a break, but it is really funny.

[h/t] Reddit, msoccerdude2

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  • Michael Gleason

    No what is really funny is people still use Yahoo. Or sad one.

    • Dart Vade

      oh wait you mean Yahoo who just beat out Google for searches and whose stock price has gone through the roof while Google falters, that Yahoo?

  • David Burnham

    The funny thing is, with all the Tebow coverage yahoo covered the past two years, it is probably the reason why yahoo sports still exist! The writers/journalist (whatever they call themselves) are horrible!!! I bet even this raggedy website could give them a run for their money!

  • Gary Schneider

    Mike Dyce and Yahoo only exist because of Tim Tebow. This article stinks.

  • Jon Downs

    Now I know why I dont use Yahoo and never will…………. Pathetic Hate dont fly with me.

    • Dart Vade

      its pathetic to point out the truth that there wont be any Teblow news since he wont be playing in the NFL ever again….at least at QB?

  • Post Corner

    The liberals at yahoo sure are funny.

    • Dart Vade

      I know so much better then those racist GOPers….I agree

  • brandon nick

    Colin Kaepernick 49.9 Accuracy today vs the Colts. Only 150 yards. Tebow stats. Yet, he’s praised as a superstar. Careful not to say Lord Jesus Christ Colin, or you’re done!

    But clearly you say, Kaep is proven winner. I agree. So is Tebow, the heart and the mind to WIN games. I don’t care about technique, half the league has QBs with good stats, good technique, but they fail to win games because they’re scared of the moment.

    PS not one team shaped their offense to Tebow’s strong points… but, he still had a miracle season in 2011 that no one will ever forget. Fact.

  • matr dontelli iii

    about ten years ago yahoo had a pretty good sports site. unfortunately now they’re simply aptly named. i’m not a tebow fan but this really isn’t close to funny. maybe to a twelve-year old.

    • bill

      you Tebow lovers make me sick. I just hope he makes an ark and takes all of you sailing

  • Dart Vade

    absolutely hilarious and well called for. Besides what most uninformed people are saying here (not surprising since most think Teblow is actually good) Yahoo sports is considered one of the better sports websites with the best investigative unit without an ESPN or FOX bias. Teblow is a terrible NFL QB who cant win crap in the NFL, he is not a Kaepernick or a Russell or and RG3, those guys can all like pass and stuff, not just run into the wall of lineman and throw 5yd worm burners to their WR who are running 10yd routes. Name me another QB who got drafted with the breakdown of “Cant read a defense or pickup the blitz, has poor to bad mechanics and is inaccurate when passing”?? Yeah that is actually the breakdown of every QB WHO WASNT DRAFTED….except for him and now he is unemployed and out of the league.