Dec 23, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder (7) hands off to running back Adrian Peterson (28) against the Houston Texans during the first quarter at Reliant Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson says booing Christian Ponder is not fair

When things are going well, it’s the quarterback who gets much of the praise. And when things aren’t going well, say like losing at home to a pretty sub-par Cleveland Browns team, it’s the quarterback who – well  – you guessed it.

That’s the fate of Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder who’s had a relatively woeful start to the 2013 season.

After turning the ball over four times in the season opener, Ponder returned with an improved (though nothing special) Week Two. Things turned ugly again in Week Three though as the Cleveland Browns came into town and defeated Ponder and his Vikings, leaving an unhappy crowd to boo Ponder.

That’s not okay with running back Adrian Peterson though, who suggested the booing of Ponder was unfair:

Peterson said the hoots directed at Ponder are unfair.

“I got his back. He scored two touchdowns and kept us in the game,” Peterson noted. “They were cheering him when he scored and booing him when a pass wasn’t as good as they wanted it.”

Ponder was almost benched after his Week One disaster and it may only be a matter of time until that cord is pulled.

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  • David Crosby

    What’s not fair is giving us a great QB in Favre for one year and showing us what a team looks like with a good QB then making us suffer years through Ponder that’s what isn’t fair.

    • MartyCalderon

      He’s just backing his QB. What do you expect him to do, throw Ponder under the bus? That wouldn’t be fair.

      • David Crosby

        I wonder if he’ll get ponder a thank you card once he gets fired also then?

        • MartyCalderon

          Why would AP get fired? Maybe your thinking Frazier?

          • David Crosby

            I’ve never mentioned AP…..

          • MartyCalderon

            AP was the one backing up Ponder. That’s who the article is about.

  • manbearpig01

    what’s not fair is musgrave’s play calling.
    1st down – play action fly
    2nd down – hb dive
    3rd down – PA naked bootleg to the TE
    4th down – wish punter good luck

  • Reggie Westbrook

    QB is our 3rd top issue.
    #1 Our defense allows 32 points per game, that’s 3rd most in the NFL. I understand a pick/fumble may set up opponents on our side of the field but our defense made the Browns look like Pro Bowlers. Back to Back weeks our defense let up game winning touchdowns. Our defense choked point blank period. 2-1 if our defense steps up in final minute.
    #2 Bill Musgrave-Why is this guy our O-Coordinator, if we put Matty in guess what? Same plays
    #3 Christian Ponder, the man needs to be consistent, I’m not saying he’s the answer. I’m not saying he should be our starter, but what I AM saying is he’s NOT our biggest problem.

  • Ramon Lang

    We had two three and outs in the 4th quarter with the lead. It’s the QB!! The Vikings staff have to be real patient or just dumb !! They will never win with Ponder!!

  • Mike Bridges

    Don’t worry Viking fans….Ponder will be the one to pay the price and when they put Cassel in fans will realize that Ponder wasn’t the only issue. When an Offense fights all day and eventually pulls the team ahead and all the Defense has to do is hold for 2 more minutes, or less, and can’t get the save, the more pressing issue may be the Defense. The Defense finally started to get heat on the QB when LB’s were allowed to blitz and get involved but, once again it looked like the D Coordinator went to a prevent again, that only prevents the Vikings winning! First thing to do, (and as a former football Coach I know that it’s the responsibility of the 2 Coordinators to ensure their Offense and Defense is prepared to win and during the game put them in the position to be successful), replace the 2 Coordinators. Musgrave is too conservative and he calls plays that will never put Ponder in a position to be successful. Use him as a duel threat QB cuz he showed he can run and he can, as he showed, roll right and throw nice balls on the run. Why roll him left time and time again knowing he can’t do it?! Why not use AD like the Lions use Bush? Throw to him in the flats or throw swing passes? Get him out away from the LOS and let him catch and run! Speaking of LOS…all through the game the Browns were getting to Ponder, with sometimes 4 at a time by doing what the Vikings should do….blitzing their LB’s! No QB can throw with 4 defenders getting their hands on him! Whatever they do, Musgrave must stop rolling Ponder to his left! Let him run more….he’s smart and knows to get to sidelines or slide! I honestly do feel that 3 games in, the 2 Coordinators have showed no ingenuity. Fire them both. However Ponder will shoulder the blame and pay the price. Felton is back now so, maybe AD’s production will rise sharply. Another thing promised that wasn’t done…. Patterson wasn’t used more! Throw him a short pass in the near flats and let him juke a LB or Corner and then let his speed get by the Safety or Safeties! Just use the stud!! Henderson did a little better at MLB but, as a whole, the whole unit is being held back. Why not give one of the young rookie MLB’s a shot? The Vikings can be successful with what they have IF they are used properly or used at all!! They need 2 new, young, energetic, smart play callers with challenging systems that work!! If there is the opportunity next draft to get a new QB with legs and a cannon, draft him….or trade up to get one. However everyone thought that Kap , over at SF was the best in the NFL but, he’s not showing that so far. At 0-3 the team still has a chance to get things sorted and be in the middle of the NFC North race since the Packers are 1-2 and the Bears aren’t really being world beaters. There is still a lot of hope BUT, if Frazier doesn’t get his 2 Coordinators to get their shite right, or doesn’t replace them…things will stay the same! Just MHO. SKOL!