Sep 23, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor (2) looks to pass the ball during the first half against the Denver Broncos at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Terrelle Pryor the only good thing happening for the Oakland Raiders

Somewhere in the middle of the Denver Broncos complete and utter destruction of the Oakland Raiders on Monday Night Football, there was an extended shot of a lonely Oakland Raiders fan in full Black Hole regalia. He looked broken as he watched his team fall into a tie with the Detroit Lions for the worst record of the past decade.

Yet, if there were ever a glimmer of hope for Raiders fans, it’s Terrelle Pryor. And while it’s still far to early to declare Pryor a savior, especially when you consider that he plays for a team that looks beyond saving for now, there’s something to be said for Pryor even making it to this point at all.

Five years ago, the idea of Terrelle Pryor as a franchise’s messiah wasn’t far-fetched at all. It was an inevitability.

Coming out of high school in Jeannette, PA, Pryor was a two-sport superstar. On the hardwood he was a consensus five-star prospect with dozens of offers from high-majors. However, the football field was where the 6-6 235 lb. athlete shined.

He was the No. 1 overall prospect in the country, a consensus among the most respected recruiting publications in the country. His recruitment extended past National Signing Day and eventually took on a life of its own, with Pryor ultimately settling on the Ohio State Buckeyes over Penn State and several others.

Four weeks into his freshman season, Terrelle Pryor surpassed incumbent starter Todd Boeckman on the depth chart and took over the reins as Ohio State’s starting quarterback. He’d go on to rack up 1,311 yards passing with 12 passing touchdowns against just four interceptions to go along with 631 yards rushing and six rushing touchdowns.

They were modest numbers, but impressive for a freshman and it was enough to establish Pryor as “The Man” in Columbus heading into his sophomore year.

Over the course of the next two seasons, Pryor would lead Ohio State to a win in the Rose Bowl over Oregon and a win in the Sugar Bowl over the Arkansas Razorbacks. However, needing to polish his skills as a passer coming out of 2010, he elected to stay for his senior year of college despite being a potential early round pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.

However, when news broke of Terrelle Pryor’s involvement in a pay-for-play scandal that accused Pryor and several others of selling memorabilia and accepting complimentary tattoo work, the former No. 1 recruit in the country was suspended for five games. And rather than serve the suspension that would ultimately cost him close to half his remaining eligibility, Pryor decided to turn pro and enter the supplemental draft.

That’s where the Oakland Raiders decided to take a chance on Terrelle Pryor with a third-round selection, ultimately forfeiting their third-round pick in the 2012 NFL Draft to take Pryor.

Yet, having just traded for Carson Palmer, the expectations for Terrelle Pryor were relatively low. In just three years, Pryor went from an almost certain franchise-quarterback for somebody to being lucky to simply be on a roster.

Then, in Week 16 of his second season, with Palmer out due to an injury, Terrelle Pryor got his first shot at starting in the National Football League. It was a rather mundane performance, and when the season ended, it was virtually assumed that Palmer would reassume his role as the starter and Pryor would return to holding a clipboard.

However, when Carson Palmer refused to take a pay cut to stay in Oakland as the starter, things began to change for the third-year pro.

The Raiders didn’t simply hand the job to Pryor, choosing instead to trade for Seattle Seahawks backup Matt Flynn to drum up a competition. Terrelle Pryor would go on to outplay Flynn and earn the job in the preseason, and now in three games as the starter in Oakland he’s began to show flashes of what made him such a sure thing coming out of high school in 2008.

In Week One, he led the NFL in rushing with 112 yards in a loss to the Indianapolis Colts. In Week Two, he notched his first win as a starter.

Then tonight, as his defense got absolutely pasted by Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, essentially overshadowing everything Terrelle Pryor accomplished on the night, Pryor was able to put together a sneaky good game. And despite losing, the 24 year-old was poised inside the pocket and showed some impressive escapability. (He would head into the locker room late in the fourth quarter to have an injury evaluated.)

It wasn’t enough to make the lonely Oakland Raiders fan in Denver crack a smile, but a 19-for-28 night for 281 yards passing and a touchdown to go along with 36 yards on the ground was enough to indicate to many that the potential is there.

The only problem is, Terrelle Pryor plays in Oakland, a town that’s seemed to devour potential whole for the last decade.

The Oakland Raiders look destitute, and the disparity between themselves and the Denver Broncos–the clear class of the AFC West–couldn’t be any more apparent. But, maybe Terrelle Pryor is enough to give the franchise hope for now.

Perhaps he can be the man to bring the Raiders from the brink of desolation to greatness. Maybe he can finally be the one to cast some light upon the Black Hole.

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  • Stanley Carr

    What d fuck man we lost but u sound like we’re the worst team n d league.. Waving d white flag in the third game, we wil make d playoffs

    • Tim Martindale

      I agree I think we will make it too

    • PunjabiPete

      At the start of the season, I would have scoffed loudly at this, as my Chiefs are going to get the Wild Card. All homerism to my team aside I think it’s a tall order to think Denver doesn’t win the AFC West, but with the “sure thing” teams getting their asses handed to them so far this season I think the Wild Card spot will be more of a toss up than we all think… Chiefs have a very easy schedule and a very good defense, and one of these days the offense will show up… maybe… if they feel like it (so infuriating)… I still feel like we pick up the Wild card but anything could happen. Honestly as long as either Denver or San Diego suffers it’s alright with me. I hate the Raiders too but it’s a grudgingly respectful hatred…

      • mike barclay

        One of the most fair-minded, honest assessments thus far. WTG Punjab. Nice to read an unbiased opinion from an admittedly-biased fan.( Quote: ” I hate the Raiders too but it’s a grudgingly respectful hatred”…) as opposed to the lengthy diatribes posted by someone obviously trying to convince the rest of us (AND himself ) that he is more intelligent and therefore we should pay attention to not only his opinions but also his irrelevant stats. I mean..a 3.75 GPA and a BA from The U of Nevada in accounting will get you a job as change-boy in any casino. It’s not like you are Harvard Business School material lad. Also the fact that you eventually resorted to the old playground ploys of name-calling, using profanity, and then actually threatening physical force,illustrates your glaring immaturity coupled with the inability to think over the din of your self-importance. ” Dan the MAN ??? ” ..Gimme a break pal, that’s an overly generous ID.
        I am a lifelong, passionate Raider fan and would probably not be friendly toward Punjab on a KC / Oakland gameday but today I was impressed. Regardless whether we agree with his thoughts on the season or not his post was a timely reminder of how intelligent commentary can be conducted. Thanks guy.
        And…. DMT… I wouldn’t bother spending time or money trying for a Masters or Doctorate if I were you. That would be an exercise in futility ‘ magna cum dumbo’.

        • PunjabiPete

          Thanks Mike. Yeah, it would feel weird if a Raiders fan was nice to me in the stands, that’s not what our rivalry is about, but I can take a semi-objective look at things. Terrelle Pryor is going to be a good NFL quarterback, just a matter of time… I think a draft or two of picking up some more help around him, he is going to do some good things in the league. I feel like the Chargers are getting a little long in the tooth, and Denver, while the dominant force in not only our division, but in the league, isn’t going to have Manning forever, so it’s just a matter of time.

          Our offense in KC is starting to scare me; while on the one hand, Alex Smith’s refusal to take a chance is endearing because he rarely turns the ball over, sooner or later teams are going to stop letting him have those 6-7 yard flat passes, then we’re screwed. Our Offensive line has a lot of work to do to get Charles going, but once that happens, I think we have a good chance, maybe not for a Superbowl, but for some pretty decent playoff runs… but right now watching each game is like watching Survivorman trying to start a fire with 2 sticks: you just want to get to the end result before something bad has a chance to happen.

          So, with the Chargers getting older and Denver only having, realistically, 2-3 more years of Peyton, it will be up to the Chiefs and Raiders to give ESPN a reason to mention the AFC West in a couple of years. We both have a lot of work to do. I’m hoping the Chiefs do it first, though. Go Chiefs!

          • mike barclay

            Hey Pete , I just noticed your reply and I gotta tell you one thing. You are not a Kansas City fan, not entirely. First and foremost you are a football fan and the reason I say that is that you seem to be able to isolate emotion from analysis or opinion and tell it like it is in an objective fashion. All of us are passionate about our teams certainly but the fact someone doesn’t agree with an opinion is no justification for rudeness as exhibited at length by one individual. The marked distinction between your comments and his was what struck me. Yours was about football his was about himself. That simple!
            Now I have to eat my words… If I ran into you at a Raider/Chiefs game I’d probably buy you a Hope ta see you in the playoffs . By then I’ll be the oldest guy in the stadium. Good luck

    • Michael Castillo

      Whatever you spike your drinks with…I want some of it.

  • Tim Martindale

    Good read I’ve been following Pryor since his senior year in high school. He’s got the smarts and the talent to b an NFL QB he just needs to have the same coaches for more than a year and a better supporting staff. It’s time for McFadden to go I’ve seen enough we need a shorter thicker back who has vision. We also need a true go to receiver. We will b ok if Denver is going to win they better do it now cause we are taking over next year

    • Ryan Wooden

      Thanks for the read, Tim.

  • Wil

    utter destruction? wow I never knew losing by two td’s and a 2 point conversion was consider utter destruction

    • Ryan Wooden

      When it takes a garbage time TD to make it a 16 point game and you get outgained by nearly 200 yards… yeah… you got completely and utterly destroyed.

      • Derick22

        You’re totally right Ryan, considering how much Manning had struggled to put points on the board in his teams 2 previous games. It’s pretty clear that the rest of the league has this guy figured out.

        You should try watching football once in a while.

        • Ryan Wooden

          Moral victories are nice.

          • Derick22

            So now it was a moral victory?

          • Ryan Wooden

            You’re arguing that scoring a garbage time touchdown to make it a 16 point game means it wasn’t a blowout because other teams have been beaten by the Broncos worse, so… it sure sounds like you’re making it out to be a moral victory. Good luck with that.

          • Derick22

            Sorry man, I’d love to get into this with you because you CLEARLY are a football genius but I try to stay on a strict 3 post limit when I’m dealing with Lazy Fan Blogs. Keep working at it though, it’s the only way to get better. Have a great night.

          • Ryan Wooden

            Lazy Fan Blogs as a proper noun. I feel pretty important.

  • Anthony Williams

    The D played good. Peyton is just on another level.

    • Dan TheMan

      Not true. The defense missed a LOT of tackles. I think Vic Tafur had the count at 19 missed tackles last night for the Raiders’ defense. That’s not good in anyone’s book.

      • JCMex

        Totally right. Defense sucked big time. Specially DJ Hayden, this kid needs to show up and play like a 1st round pick. I counted 5 or 6 miss tackles by him alone, and a pass interference flag also? He seems totally lost out there. rest of the D could not even get close to Manning, Houston sacked him once.. given, but he’s an All Pro, he should’ve eaten that rookie in front of him all night.

        Also given we are not a playoff team this season (and maybe next), but some things need to start falling into place this season if we want to be competitive in 2015. the O line needs to give D’Mac some kind of hole to even fall forward, he was getting hit behind the line all night long, and when he managed to break a tackle he was so surprised he was on the other side of the line he was hesitant as to which way to run.

        Pryor is showing progress (he still makes me nervous every time he steps back, I can’t deny it makes it more enjoyable when he makes a completion) and the O coordinator is a keeper in my book, so is pretty much all the coaching staff.

        Finally Mr Wooden we don’t need anybody coming into our corner of Bleacher Report and telling us that our team sucks (we have the NFL network for that, and they do a hell of a better job than you). We’re all aware of that. Just remember there wouldn’t be an AFL/NFL NFL without Al Davis and the Raiders, so the Raiders and all NFL franchises and their fan base deserve respect, but specially the ones that built this sport like the Packers, Bears, Skins, Giants, Browns, Chiefs, Steelers etc…….. and yes; The Oakland Raiders!

        I very much look forward to 2015 when this team has had 3 decent drafts, 3 “money to burn” free agency’s, and 3 years of same coaching staff under their belts, first of all to see my beloved team win again, but also to see and read all of you “Tom Brady Era” bloggers who very much like to trash the Raiders, eat your words. Although by then I think you all would’ve found some other team to pick on.

        And finally let me be clear when I say that I don’t mind the assertiveness of the “Raiders Lost Bad” comments. What I’m really getting tired of is the “laughing at” and the “Joking of” comments and phrasing; like “Utter Destruction” I don’t remember reading anything like that when the mighty New York Giants lost 38 to NOTHING to the Carolina Panthers last week you know why……… Respect! and if you guys give that kind of respect to a franchise that just won their 4th Super Bowl I believe you can live without the mocking remarks the next time you write about the 5 time AFL champions and 3 time Super Bowl Champions OAKLAND RAIDERS………….. Respect Mr Wooden …….. Respect.

        • Ryan Wooden

          Y’all need to read more. It’s really not that hard to find people trashing the Giants for getting skewered by Carolina. However, that wasn’t my assignment. My assignment was to write a column about Terrelle Pryor.

          • JCMex

            And a good column it was… I liked what you had to say about Pryor.

            It was the disrespect and mucking comments that started the fire in The Nation, I believe your column would have been even better without them.

            You have to understand, that every time a comment is done about the Raiders on the NFL network ESPN etc.. these “Analysts” and “Experts” actually laugh out loud (if they even mention the team) I saw the highlights from the game (I don’t know if you did) but it was all Payton Manning and the Broncos (I realize they won the ball game), but didn’t Pryor have a few good throws too? did you notice not a single score from the Raiders was included? Did we not score 3 times? That’s the kind of disrespect I’m talking about (Actually Jon Gruden had some nice things to say about Terrelle Pryor on the pregame).

            Anyway, next time you write about the Raiders, remember…. we can take the criticism……….. just not the disrespect.

  • Rood Reckile

    It is clear that we have a lot of work ahead of us before we are anywhere near a playoff caliber team. Defense is improved, but isn’t up to par to stop any top 10 offense.. Colts have a terrible oline
    However, if Pryor can build on this performance and prove himself a passer we will not go after another qb and finally focus on the oline and defense

    • Ryan Wooden

      Reason and logic have prevailed in at least one comment today. Thanks, Rood Reckile.

      • truthteller

        No basically someone that placated you. Kudos…you proved yourself to be a blogger and nothing near an objectionable or worthy ‘journalist’. The irony is that the Raiders allowed fewer points than the world champions in the last two seasons did against Denver. But yeah, completely besides the point.

        • Ryan Wooden

          No, I’m just a big fan of comments based in reality. The Raiders are pretty far away right now, but Terrelle Pryor gives them something to be optimistic about.

          Whereas, you, on the other hand, make the “Hey, we gave up less points to the Broncos than the Ravens, so we must be good” argument that is entirely based upon delusions of grandeur. Rood Reckile wins.

      • Ecade

        You have No idea how Black hole I am , But I’m so L.A and we are in Every City and State and this Internet put us so close together were like Neighbors ya Know !!

  • Chris Schroeder

    Hey Ryan…… Yeah if Janikowski would have attempted and made that 68 yard field goal which he very could have easily and denarious moore doesn’t drop that pass in the end zone we are looking at a six point game. I would hardly call it “garbage time” when Peyton Manning is doing everything possible to score as many points in this game as possible. The only reason he wasn’t able to was because the Raiders outscored them in the second half and also forcing a sack fumble on Peyton
    Manning in the red zone. “Garbage time” would be a phrase you would use if there’s game was a runaway in all four quarters ending in the fourth quarter with the Broncos backup quarterback coming in. That was not the case as I pointed out the Raiders could have very easily done within six points and it would’ve been just one pick six will put this game away for the Raiders. Considering how much more talent the Broncos have then the Raiders at this point I would pretty much say this was a hard-fought game and was not an easy victory for the Broncos like it has been for the past two weeks. The Raiders did not turn the ball over one time and this is our quarterbacks fourth career start against the guy who is already in the Hall of Fame riddled with receivers across the board. The Broncos shouldhave won this game by 30 or 40 points if they were that much better than the Raiders which apparently they are not. Given everything that I had just mentioned and add in the fact that they were playing at high altitude with a loud crowd at their backs I could honestly see the Raiders winning this game in Oakland. The funny thing is, two years from now when the Broncos are still paying for all their talent that will never win then the Super Bowl the Raiders will have more Room than any other NFL team and will be a juggernaut that the Broncos will hardly even contend with.

    • Ryan Wooden

      So, you’re gonna start your argument by acting like a 68 yard field goal was some sort of inevitability and finish by saying that the Raiders will be a juggernaut in two years. And in the middle you’ll pretend like you weren’t down 23 points with less than two minutes left and claim that you were in the game.

      Strong. Real strong.

      • Tim Martindale

        Now I do believe that Pryor can b our future and I know we will b the class of the AFC west soon like next year. Denver is not that good and they won’t win the Super Bowl. They might have a good regular season but we all know Manning will mess it off in the playoffs. When they see a team that have good corners that will bully their ass at the line they won’t do jack cause that offense is soft. We just don’t have those corners yet.

        • Nick doucher

          The Broncos offense is soft, that’s some funny crap. You are lying to yourself lol!

      • Ecade

        There are a few O-3 teams out there , Why all this hate for the Raiders . Like the Bears have done anything in the league , they watched the Superbowl from the Couch just like we did last year ..

        • Ryan Wooden

          You understand the irony in responding to me by telling other people to not respond to me, right?

          • Ecade

            Yeah I understand the Irony of you talking shit behind the computer !

          • Ryan Wooden

            You’re so Black Hole.

  • Dan TheMan

    Why is it that when people want to talk about how wonderful the Broncos are this season and how terrible the Raiders are, they seem to conveniently forget that the Broncos sold the farm to try and build a championship team (Peyton Manning and Wes Welker would make ANY team far better), while the Raiders basically sold the team to be able to pay the mortgage on the farm.

    And, sorry to burst your Broncos hard-on bubble ya got going there, but losing by 2 possessions isn’t usually considered a “complete and utter destruction.” I’m glad you got that out of your system though. SMMFH

    • Ryan Wooden

      You know this is the salary cap era, correct? The Broncos are operating under the same salary constraints as everybody else.

      • Dan TheMan

        Wow?! It is?! OMFG!! I HAD NO IDEA! holy f’in crispy Christ, you’re kidding me, right? SMMFH (AGAIN)

        You do understand that my point is that the Broncos are trying to buy a championship in free agency, and the Raiders were in salary cap hell, right? Or are you really that ignorant?

        The Raiders had a decade of bad contracts and bad drafts to clear out and they cleared most of them out this offseason and are paying a lot of people that aren’t even on the team. This was all done to make salary cap room for NEXT YEAR. So… umm…. yeah… I’m pretty well aware that this is the salary cap era.

        The Broncos won the Peyton Manning lottery last year and this year brought in one of the most prolific receivers in the last 5 years. OF COURSE they’re going to be better than the Raiders that only had 2 returning starters on defense from last year, one of whom went down to injury the week before they played the Broncos. OF COURSE they’re going to be better than the Raiders when they had the cap room to try to buy a Super Bowl.

        Do you see the difference yet? I’m not saying that the Broncos have an “unfair” advantage, just that they weren’t saddled with the salary cap problems the Raiders were stuck with, and they had room in their salary cap to go out and try to buy a super bowl team.

        Anyone that knows anything about football knows that the Broncos probably should have beaten the Raiders by a lot more than they did. Shit, the Panthers beat the piss out of the Giants and you hardly hear a squawk about that, but the Broncos, who were picked as a super bowl favorite before the season even started, just happened to beat the Raiders (ranked flat last in most power rankings to begin the season and ranked 31 on most going into the Monday Night game) in Denver, when the Raiders have their starting safety, starting left tackle, backup left tackle, tight end and a whole host of others on the IR list, and you wet yourself with glee.

        I apparently made the mistake of assuming that you had at least some idea what you were talking about, but from your nut-juggling, tip-gargling tonsil hockey job on the Broncos there, I should have known better. SMH (again)

        • Ryan Wooden

          Whose fault is it that the Raiders were in salary cap hell again? You can’t honestly expect me to feel sorry for you because Denver structured its roster to allow for cap flexibility that enabled them to go out and get Peyton Manning, can you?

          You’re making a straw man argument centered around this notion that I just wrote a column about how great the Denver Broncos are.

          Only problem is, that never happened. I wrote an assessment that praised the way Terrelle Pryor has played, and offered up that MAYBE he’s the type of talent that can drag your sorry franchise out of futility. And that’s not a debatable analysis (you know… that your franchise is futile), because Oakland is tied for the worst record in the league over the last decade.

          Hopefully the Raiders pull out of this funk. I’ll root for anything that makes the league more competitive and fun to watch, but I’m also not gonna sit here and sunshine pump about how you’re turning the corner because you beat a Jaguars team that might be the worst in football and (according to the majority of the comments here) got a big moral victory by scoring late on Monday to “ONLY” lose by 16 points.

          I write a lot of columns–the whole premise of a column, by the way, is for me to inject my OPINION… figured I’d make not of that since that appears to be lost on most of the people here–about a lot of different franchises, and anytime you write something that takes a stance, you almost always expect to see some negativity in the comments, but good grief, Raiders fans. I mean, I’ve seen people say that your defense played well on Monday, that you DIDN’T get blown out because the Broncos could have won by more (despite STILL losing by 16 points after a garbage time touchdown and being outgained by nearly 200 yards) and that you’d make the playoffs.

          I mean, c’mon. I understand a need for optimism, but let’s try to at least skirt the edges of reality. This franchise is not even close right now. So maybe you should take solace in the fact you may have found a long-term solution at quarterback and be hopeful that having Terrelle Pryor allows you to move in the right direction.

          Or, I guess you could continue to write comments collectively about how you’ll make “D playoffs” and blowjobs while you get pats on the back from equally delusional Raiders fans. Either way is good.

          • Dan TheMan

            I never asked you to feel sorry for me. I asked you to pay attention to what I was trying to communicate to you. There is no straw man argument. Just simple facts regarding where the two teams are at in terms of talent. My point is people were expecting that game to be a blowout in favor of the Broncos since before training camp even started. Yet, you still felt it was worth getting excited about in an article about a Raiders player. Now, you’re trying to tell me how terrible the Raiders are when that was basically my fucking point from word one. Pull your head out and learn to read.

            Then, you whimper and scamper behind the “it’s just my opinion” bullcrap after you argued against someone else’s opinion to try to prove your opinion. Make up your mind. If it’s just your opinion, don’t come out and try to defend it as fact.

            Who said I was optimistic? I know a lot of Raiders fans that are convinced we’ll make the playoffs this year, and although anything can happen, I tend towards the more realistic belief that we will draft very high again next year. What I am optimistic about is the fact that we will have a LOT of salary cap space next year, and if McKenzie and Allen know what they’re doing (the jury’s still out on that one by the way), then the Raiders should see very dramatic improvement next season.

            I was one of the first people to caution friends that a 10 point win over Jacksonville (who happened to lose MJD early in the game) is not something to get excited about.

            My whole point, which you seem to be so adept at missing, is that the Raiders suck this year, especially so after long-term injuries to many of their most important players, and that the Broncos have a really good team because they had a lot of money (salary cap room) to spend and spent it on some of the best players in the NFL.

            It’s not about whether the Raiders are on the comeback or would have been good without the injuries. During this last offseason, I was thrilled to see all the paycheck princesses cut from the team, but at the same time, I knew that it would set us back even further than we were the last decade.

            Let me try this one last time… Here we go… pay attention now…

            My point is that everyone that knows anything about NFL football was not overly impressed with the Broncos beating the Raiders in the fashion they did. Some, like myself, even expected that the Broncos would have beaten us much worse because the Raiders team is shallow on talent and deep on injuries and the Broncos team is deep on free agent all-pro talent. The way you acted about the Broncos victory indicated to me that you were excited about it (hence the fellatio comments), and that led me to believe that you really don’t know much about football.

            Did you get it that time? Do I have to sit you down and hold your hand and show you a picture book to explain it?

            I’ve wasted far too much time trying to educate you already. Good luck opining on subjects about which you know next to nothing.

          • Ryan Wooden

            So your primary concern from a column that mentions the Broncos twice, is that you think I wasn’t aware the Broncos were going to win in the first place? And you’ve become entirely incensed about it, despite the fact that this column is about Terrelle Pryor and the Raiders, and I’m the one with reading comprehension issues? Riiiiiiight.

            You should probably stop now. I appreciate that you’re at least well-spoken, but you’re talking in circles and if your point is that the Raiders suck and that you’re excited about the direction they’re going, I’m not really sure what you’re arguing for, because I’m right there with ya, bud.

            There’s really nothing left to discuss. Terrelle Pryor has been a pleasant surprise and if he continues to develop, you should be excited about the athlete you have in a league that is finally starting to embrace athletic quarterbacks, but as a whole your roster just isn’t there. It may be awhile before they are, but in all honesty I hope they find their way back to relevance.

            Other than that, man, I don’t really know what to tell ya.

          • Dan TheMan

            My initial comment:

            “Why is it that when people want to talk about how wonderful the Broncos are this season and how terrible the Raiders are, they seem to conveniently forget that the Broncos sold the farm to try and build a championship team (Peyton Manning and Wes Welker would make ANY team far better), while the Raiders basically sold the team to be able to pay the mortgage on the farm.

            And, sorry to burst your Broncos hard-on bubble ya got going there, but losing by 2 possessions isn’t usually considered a “complete and utter destruction.” I’m glad you got that out of your system though. SMMFH”

            Your initial reply:

            “You know this is the salary cap era, correct? The Broncos are operating under the same salary constraints as everybody else.”

            You missed my point from the very beginning. That point being that people, like yourself, get (apparently) all excited about a team winning when that team would have been predicted by most to win by an awful lot more than they did. Given the disparity in the talent levels of the two teams, it should have, by all rights been as bad as the blowout that the Raiders handed Denver in Denver in 2010. That 59-14 victory in the Broncos’ house was more along the lines of what someone would call “complete and utter destruction” and those teams were much closer to each other in talent level, so it was much less expected than the Broncos victory Monday was. Pretty much every play by the Broncos offense in that 2010 game was in “garbage time”, let alone their two scores. But, here you are, getting overly excited about a blowout that was predicted MONTHS ago. Like I mentioned earlier, what the Panthers did to the Giants was complete and utter destruction. The Monday night game was not, and even moreso, it wasn’t much to get excited about for Broncos fans other than the fact that they beat up on a division rival. It certainly wasn’t as wide a margin of victory as most people thought it could/should have been. Even worse still if you factor in all the injuries the Raiders have suffered recently on an already talent-thin team.

            Just listen to Rich Eisen call the 2010 highlights – you can almost hear his jaw hit the floor. This was complete and utter destruction – just like the Ravens did to my Raiders last year. That blowout, though expected, was still pretty gnarly. This past Monday night… not so much.

  ,com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/09000d5d81b965b4/GameDay-Raiders-vs-Broncos-highlights (replace the comma before com with a period for the link to work)

            Anyway, fine, let’s call a truce if you will, but please don’t keep trying to put words in my mouth. I never implied (or at least never meant to imply) that the disparity in talent was unfair. Just that it was such a large disparity that the Broncos winning by 16 points was honestly probably a bit of a letdown for some Bronco fans that were expecting much more.

            And, yes, it incensed me when I saw your comment about complete and utter destruction because I was actually proud of the Raiders for not rolling over and for the small glimpses of progress that I’ve seen so far this year – not a whole lot of progress, but definitely more than I expected in some areas. I certainly could have replied a bit more maturely, but I was tired of seeing everyone act like a preseason Super Bowl favorite beating a bottom two ranked team as though it was some sort of shocker – especially considering how bad it really SHOULD have been given all the pundits predictions.

            What I will say, however grudgingly, is that I really do appreciate the fact that you at least write very well – whether I agree with what you write or not is beside the point. I think there are too many blogs out there these days, and probably 80% of the top 10 search results in Google nowadays lead you directly to blogs who’s authors barely know how to form a sentence. So, there’s that.

            Anyway, whether you meant to call a truce or not, I’m going to go ahead and fade out of this conversation – I imagine you would agree that this has sucked up WAY too much time.

            Keep writing well – just don’t overstate so much and I won’t be a dick, deal? =)

        • Nick doucher

          Buy a Super Bowl, is your team against free agency, they signed more players than the Broncos this year. Your a sore loser, just admit your team has sucked for 30 years, and show no signs of getting better.

          • Dan TheMan

            Another idiot that has little in the way of reading comprehension skills. Bravo! NEXT!

          • Nick doucher

            Hey, moron, I understand your point just fine, I’m laughing that you say the broncos are buying a championship, the Broncos have 14 starters that were drafted or signed as free agents, we have six new starters on defense. You make it sound like your team would not sign Peyton Manning. Don’t be a sore loser, NEXT!

          • Dan TheMan

            You STILL don’t get it… I would have loved for Peyton Manning to come to the Raiders – no problem admitting that. The point is more about where the Broncos and the Raiders are currently at than it is about how they got there, but at the same time, how they got where they are at is the Broncos won the Manning lottery and the Raiders suffered a decade of poor decisions that they inflicted upon themselves. Do you get it now? Should I dumb it down even further? Here…

            Broncos really good this year.
            Raiders really bad this year (especially after several starters are out with injury).
            Broncos beating Raiders, not really big deal given the first two statements.

            Was that slow enough?

            I have this strange feeling that you really like French-fried taters wif mustard on ‘em…

          • Nick doucher

            We’ll I don’t think your understanding what I’m saying, have somebody read it out loud.

            There is no such thing as buying a championship in the NFL
            And yes I understand your team sucks!
            And yes, the Broncos are damn good.

          • Dan TheMan

            I would love to pretend your childish regurgitation of my own words offended me, but you’d have expressed far more wit and intelligence if you had stuck to your level and went with the old, “I’m rubber and your glue . . .” comeback. You’re out of your league skippy! Run along now.

    • Nick doucher

      We didn’t sell the farm, were 10 mil under the cap, and loaded with young talent. Wes walker 12 mil for 2 years, manning 20 mil a year, that’s the going rate for any top quarterback. No long term commitment to these guys. How much have the Raiders spent on Palmer, and Flynn?

      • Dan TheMan

        It’s Welker…. not walker. And, the most recent data I could find for salary cap was from March, and it showed the Broncos as a little more than 8 million under their cap, but they were among the highest in terms of total cap, and were 2nd highest in the league in ACTUAL AMOUNT SPENT. The cap (room) doesn’t mean as much when you consider that not every team has the same total cap year to year. There is year to year carryover and there are adjustments made as well.

        For a point of reference: the Cowboys, at that time, only had about 51 THOUSAND in cap space, but they were in about the middle of the league in terms of total spent.

        • Nick doucher

          Yeah I know it’s Welker, are you an effing school teacher. Those cap figures were from 1 month ago, not March. Let’s solve this right now. Do you want a team spending all their money to make your team better, or do you want your team to give up draft picks and pay 6.5 mil. For a bench warmer. This isn’t the NBA, there’s no luxury tax, for going over the salary cap. Any team that has a legit chance o making a SB run will spend the money needed. The NFL is still represents parity the best, unlike the NBA. So therefore you don’t buy championships. The Broncos are sitting good with future contracts. They just extended Manning out 2 more years. Of the original 5 year contract. I understand The Raiders are working out of a hole, but don’t say the Broncos are buying a championship, because I’m sure you would be thrilled if the Raiders would have signed Manning. I didn’t spell crack, so don’t bother correcting me.

          • Dan TheMan

            Ya know what… with all sincerity, you really do not get my point. I’m tired of trying to explain it over and over again. Whether you’re a super-genius or a drooling imbecile doesn’t really matter to me. The bottom line is, you really, sincerely do not get it. I’m done. If you want me to refute the points you made in this last post, just go back and read my previous posts. See ya!

          • Nick doucher

            It seems like the only thing consistent in your posts is calling people stupid. Psychology 101 would suggest your projecting your feeling about yourself on others.

          • Dan TheMan

            Wow! What a slam! Oh the pain! The only consistent thing in YOUR posts is your ignorance (entirely different from stupidity) and your inability to understand simple sentences. I dropped down to a 3rd grade level so you could catch up and you still couldn’t. Not my fault you’re stupid. I have a bachelor degree from University of Nevada, Reno, completed with a 3.75 overall GPA, in accounting, and though I haven’t had it “officially” checked, every time I’ve tested my IQ, it’s somewhere in the 140 range. So, nice try dummy, but you struck out again. You’re making such a fool of yourself that I almost feel bad for you… almost. Now scurry off and save yourself further embarrassment, mmmkay?

          • Nick doucher

            uhhh! this awkward , but your mom is sitting in bed with me reading this now:( ……..sorry bro!

          • Dan TheMan

            How sweet! You found someone to read to you and explain the big words. Hope you like sacking up with 67 year old women – kinda kinky, but whatever floats your boat buddy! Good luck with that.

            EDIT: I guess I should have known that you were too stupid to leave well enough alone and felt like embarrassing yourself a bit more. Kudos on making yourself look like a complete and utter ass. You’re really good at that, aren’t you?


          • Nick doucher

            Your right dude, i messed with the wrong person, I had no idea you had an IQ of about 140. And a 3.75 GPA wow! And to top that off your an accountant……….scary!!! I had no idea I would make my self look so stupid.

          • Dan TheMan

            Umm… you’re the one that tried to call me out with the psych 101 crap about me projecting when I was calling you stupid. So… I refuted your sad attempt at a put down by pointing out that I’m actually not stupid according to the measurements that most people use to relate intelligence. I’m sorry if you can’t cope. It’s not my fault that the education system failed you. And, I’m also 6′ 2″, 250, so I’d beat your silly little ass physically just like I have done verbally if it’d make you shut the fuck up you pathetic little troll bitch.

          • Nick doucher

            6’2, 250? Sounds fat to me! Wh don’t you use your college education to realize I’m just seeing how far I can push you. Lol I would stop if I was you

          • Dan TheMan

            OMG! LMFAO! You’re still making noise? Haven’t you had enough yet sparky?

            If you were just trying to see how far you could push me, then you are the first person I’ve ever known who intentionally made a complete ass of himself in order to try to push someone. Nice try on the shifting of gears there, but nobody’s buying it. You tried to play and you lost. You got angry and tried to bite back but got your ass handed to you over and over and over. You embarrassed yourself and were embarrassed by me. You talked shit and watched it blow up in your face. Now I’m supposed to believe that was all because you wanted to see how far you could push me. I would say that’s cute, but skulking away like a coward is never cute, it’s pathetic. You’re pathetic. Go ahead… scamper off with your tail between your legs and pretend you were just playin’ around. Coward. Run away. Trust me, given the fact that you have been absolutely shredded to little bits in this thread, your best bet is to pretend that you were just trying to push me, and then slink off quietly. It’s what I would do, except that I’m not a coward like you. If you have something to say, man up and say it. Otherwise, go away and quit embarrassing yourself, please. This is too easy and getting boring.

          • Nick doucher

            Your right I’ve embarrassed myself and shamed my family. I got beat by fat accountant with a 140 IQ. I have shamed the Doucher name. I don’t know how I will ever recover. I will go into hiding and train, and better myself. I will correct the grammatical errors I have made, and strengthen my reading comprehension. And maybe, just maybe will come out of hiding and challenge this argument once again. Perhaps I will shed the name Doucher, until I have restored my pride again. Until we meet again, Nick Doucher

          • Dan TheMan

            See… now that wasn’t so hard was it? Scamper off now coward.

          • Nick doucher

            OMG! LMFAO! You’re still making noise? Haven’t you had enough yet sparky?

          • Dan TheMan

            Wow… the way I smacked you down was so good that you have to copy and paste it and try to make it your own? That’s pretty cool. By the way, I saw your child molestation joke on facebook. That’s some pretty sick shit dude… seriously…

          • Nick doucher

            Wow, now your checking out my facebook page? Yeah you’re right I didn’t get under your skin at all. Why don’t you get some self confidence.

          • Dan TheMan

            sick shit dude… real sick… hope any of your neighbors with kids know about your problems…

          • Ecade

            @Dan ignore this Guy he knows he can’t be touched so he will talk as much crap as Possible online but would never do it in person ..

  • Ronald Sage

    So out of three games, we have played 1 superior team: Denver. Indy is 1-2; Jax is 0-3; Denver 3-0. Oakland can hold their own against average teams, of which a lot of our schedule seems to have. Washington comes to play this Sunday, another 0-3 team. We can do some great things this year. Don’t hang us out to dry just yet; only 3 games played thus far. Hit us back after the 12-14th game. Go Raiders!

    • Ryan Wooden

      The Colts are 2-1.

  • Goldie

    I chuckle when columnists, sports writers and NFL insiders, whoever….compares this years Raiders to recent Raider teams of this decade post Gannon/Rice/Brown/Garner. Al Davis (God rest his soul) has been the downfall of the Raiders for years. I’m not glad he’s dead but I’m glad he doesnt have his hands on the team anymore.

    Granted no one is expecting much from the Raiders this year who look mostly like an expansion team with 10 new starters on Defense, a patchwork on O-Line and a young QB trying to learn the playbook. (And who also admitted that he just really learned how to throw the ball in the offseason).

    This Raiders team has pieces to build around. They have a good coaching staff and G.M. The dark, dismall days of the Raiders are in the rearview mirror with Al Davis’ death. This team is on the up swing.

  • Taylor Lake

    Bottom line from MNF was that the Raiders have a ways to go, but they’re headed in the right direction.

    The two positives that I noticed were:

    1. They’re finally getting a grip on the penalties. The two hallmarks of Raider football for the past several years have been the Stupid Penalty, and the Stupid Turnover; they typically beat themselves. On Monday, HatedDenver (my children will be teenagers before they figure out that “hated” and “Denver” are two words) had to beat them on their own, without assistance by an undisciplined Raider team. This improvement alone will keep them in a lot more games than used to be the case.

    2. They didn’t quit in the third quarter. Even though they were outmanned and outscored, they kept shooting right to the end. In recent years past, when the offense would demonstrate that it couldn’t keep up, the defense would have gotten frustrated before the end of the third quarter, and then things would really get ugly. I didn’t see any “quit” on Monday, on either side of the ball.

    Once they get the salary cap situation straightened out and can afford some better quality players, as long as the two trends above continue then they’ll become regularly competitive again, and soon. It’s been a long drought since 2002, but it looks like it’s finally coming to an end.

    • Ryan Wooden

      Very reasonable take. Appreciate the comment.

  • Maninblck

    Ryan, I’ve been a part of the Nation for 42 years and going into this game I knew what we were up against and the outcome was what I expected. That said I can look at my team and honestly say we are in our second year as a new team. Uncle Al Davis died in 2011 and his way is officially gone and I don’t understand why the sports pundits keep talking about my team like he’s still alive. They keep referencing back through the years on what we use to do, well that’s what Uncle Al use to do but he’s GONE! That said I like the way our team played against the Manning machine considering our talent. Pryor played within the game plan, smart, as efficient as he could be and didn’t give up. The one thing about the rest of the team is the Broncos are so much better THAN EVERONE! The best thing that happened for us is Professor Manning was in class and we had to go to school to learn. It is on tape and we should learn from this and get better and not whine. We didn’t look like the keystone cops, we didn’t make make turn overs and we didn’t quit. We just don’t have there level of talent yet and if we learn from this maybe we can give them a go next time. Go Raiders!

    • Nick doucher

      That’s a good assessment of the game.

    • Ryan Wooden

      That’s a very fair assessment, the only thing I’d say is that as one of the aforementioned “pundits”, I have to see the franchise physically change before I am giving the benefit of the doubt that you’ve turned the proverbial corner. There is no doubting Al Davis’ influence over that franchise (may he RIP), but just because he’s gone doesn’t automatically mean the Raiders are better off. When I visibly see the change, I’ll be the first to give the organization credit.

      Genuinely appreciate the comment.

    • Dan TheMan

      Hey Ryan! Maybe Maninblck’s way of saying what I was trying to say will get through to you since he didn’t call you out on your Broncos boner like I did…

  • Josh Corrington

    IF you hate the Raiders, don’t write about them. nobody wants to read the repetitive vomit you have to say.

    • Ryan Wooden

      And yet… here you are.

      • Josh Corrington

        To read a rare article about my team. to find out it’s just another loser Bronco fan writing about them…

  • Mike Gentile

    He is not a good quarterback! There 0-3! I’m a Dolphins fan and or backups are better than Pryor. Flynn will unseat him.

    • Ecade

      Your funny mike !!