Sep 19, 2013; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Los Angeles Dodgers right fielder Yasiel Puig (66) celebrates after beating the Arizona Diamondbacks 7-6 at Chase Field. Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Dodgers peed in Diamondbacks' pool

Remember that controversial story of the Los Angeles Dodgers celebrating their division title by diving into the outfield pool in the Arizona Diamondbacks’ ballpark? The Diamondbacks were mad, even Senator John McCain called them spoiled brats.

Brian Wilson responded but it looks like there is some information that might change peoples opinions of what happened.

From Tony Jackson at Dodger Scribe, who initially defended the Dodgers players:

The reason I am doing an about-face here is that it has come to my attention that one of the Dodgers players who jumped in the pool — and I will do him the favor of leaving his name out of this for now — openly and loudly bragged after leaving the pool about having urinated in it.

To me, that takes this to a whole different place. It takes it from a giddy, spontaneous celebration to an ugly, disgusting display of utter classlessness.

There also are indications that MULTIPLE Dodgers players urinated into the pool, but I can’t tell you that with any certainty. It’s just what I’ve heard. What I can tell you is that it was only a handful of guys — maybe eight, give or take — who ran out and jumped into the pool. It would be presumptuous to assume that every one of them had the same thoughts running through his brain. Maybe there were some who really were just celebrating, nothing more. Maybe there were others who meant it as a direct slap in the face to the Diamondbacks.

Well, it’s hard for the Dodgers to claim it was innocent fun now.

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  • wgchinn

    If you are going to use the words “but I can’t tell you that with any certainty” then its no more than a rumor that coninues to be spread by you. Did anyone test the pool prior to the Dodger celebration or subsequent to it. Do they test the pool prior to or after every game? Results? Is this what you learned about journalism from the Univ. of Oklahoma?

    • Mike Dyce

      You realize that the words “but I can’t tell you that with any certainty” aren’t mine, they are someone else’s?

      • wgchinn

        Do you realize that you are spreading a rumor by writing about it without any verification. Just because Mr. Jackson phrased it that way doesn’t make it true. That violates what every reporter has been trained to do. AND to get indignant about passing on someone elses suppositions as the truth makes it even worse. Please do your reserach into the TRUTHS before writing about them otherwise place the word “gossip” in the heading. That is, of course, only if you had no vendetta against the Dodger organization and were doing it because you wanted to get it right.

  • dissapointed

    so you heard from a man who heard from a man that believes that this may have happened?

    I heard their hiring at TMZ

    • Mike Dyce

      I think you mean Tony Jackson heard from a man? You realize I am quoting Mr. Tony Jackson right?

  • SandyAmorosCatch

    And you said you studied journalism. Even if true, how many beer sodden fans do you think have peed in that pool? Why even bring this up? Hey, I got an idea. Why don’t you write about baseball? Jim Murray you’re not nor will ever be.

    • Mike Dyce

      You realize I am reporting on someone else saying that they peed in the pool. I’m not the one claiming to have overheard the players bragging about it.

  • Pridenpoise

    I hope they all pissed in their precious pool, the Dbacks are sore losers.

  • Irwin M Fletcher

    So the Dodgers swam in their own piss…..CONGRATS!

  • shadenfroyd

    Another great example of why Tony Jackson is NOT respected or spoken to in the Dodgers clubhouse. He is a poor excuse for a beat reporter, a worthless hack at best. Frankly, I wouldn’t mention, or relate any of the current LA Times sportswriters to the legendary Jim Murray. That’s like comparing Jesse Jackson to Martin Luther King. Now, if they had left a “nasty floater” in pool like the movie Caddyshack, that would be a news story. Hopefully, Tony Jackson would take a bite just like Carl Spackler….