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Luol Deng frustrated with the Bulls

We already told you that Luol Deng would be testing free agency, and it seems as if his days in Chicago are coming to an end. Deng is an all-star small forward, who is a long defender that rebounds well, and is a borderline star. He could benefit from an improved perimeter game, but overall Deng is a nice piece. Well, his agent has been busy speaking on his behalf, and it doesn’t bode well for his future as a Bull. From

“We never negotiated,” Rudoy said Friday. “We had several meetings. One was to discuss the medical care he got, or did not get, after his spinal tap [in May], which was of great concern to him.”

“And we had another meeting to discuss whether they would discuss a contract,” Rudoy said. “He [Forman] called me a week or two ago and decided they did not want to discuss a contract and that it would have to wait until after the season. I told them they’d have to wait until after July 1, because he would have to see what the market is, and that he would become a free agent. And I couldn’t promise he wouldn’t sign somewhere else.”

This sounds like a marriage heading for divorce. Deng is set to be one of the top free agents that will actually be available, as Paul George is re-signing with Indiana, Kyrie Irving is restricted, Melo won’t leave New York, and who knows about Lebron. In David Aldridge’s piece, it also details how frustrated Deng was with the Bulls’ medical staff, and the way they handled his spinal tap injury that caused him to miss the Heat series. We will see if the Bulls will keep this team together all season, or if they will move Deng’s expiring contract if they feel they will lose him.


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