Hopefully Bynum's hair isn't the only thing we talk about this season; Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Still no timetable for Andrew Bynum’s return

The Cleveland Cavaliers took a low risk, high reward when they signed Andrew Bynum this off-season. Having consistent knee injuries, Bynum can give you an all-star center when healthy, but call the Sixers and ask what he gives you when he’s unhealthy. He missed all of last season in Philadelphia, and his hair got more publicity than anything he gave them on the court. Still, the Cavs only gave him 6 million dollars guaranteed, and if he never plays, it won’t hurt as bad as it did in Philly. The Cavs are trying to stay out of the lottery, and they have a chance to make the playoffs, as long as everyone stays healthy. As for Bynum’s health, we’ve heard he’s on schedule for a schedule that doesn’t exist, and now, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports we still have no idea what’s going on:

The Cavs signed Jarrett Jack, Earl Clark, and Andrew Bynum in free agency. Along with number 1 overall pick Anthony Bennett, and Sergey Karasev, the Cavs have some talent. It will be up to Mike Brown to find roles for all these guys, and improve Cleveland defensively. As for Bynum, let’s just wait for him to get on the court, because we may never learn anything from these “updates”.

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